Prakash D’Souza, Inez Lobo crowned Voice of Oman

News: Lavina DSa
Pics : Joachim D Souza

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Muscat, Sep 25: The most awaited Konkani singing talent hunt show, Gulf Voice of Mangalore (GVOM), Season 5 – Semi-finals Oman was held on Friday, September 23 at Sts Peter and Paul Church, Ruwi, under the banner of Mangalorean Catholic Center of the Parish (MCCP).

The medley of beautiful music with talented singers and extravagantly decorated venue was the highlights of the show. During the contest Prakash D’Souza and Inez Lobo paved their way to the finals of the Gulf Voice of Mangalore, Season 5 which will be held in Bahrain on November 11.

The programme commenced with a prayer dance performed by the group tiny tots named Sweet Angels comprising of Rochelle Correa, Leanne Alva, Pearl Lewis, Nicole D’souza, Christine Danthy, Clarita Saldanha ,Mayola Pais and Laura D’Sa which was choreographed by Prameela Pais.

The president of Mangalorean Catholic Center of the parish for the Silver Jubilee year, Dilip Correa welcomed the gathering and introduced the show compere. Donald Correa, an ace compere from Dubai conducted the whole programme with great humour and enthusiasm and kept the crowd engaged with his witty presentations.

Fr Marian Miranda, spiritual director of MCCP led the gathering in a prayer.

The show commenced with a procession led by flag bearer of Oman, the contestants, judges, core committee and executive committee members of MCCP. On behalf of the organizing committee Clarence Pinto expressed his well wishes to the singers of the competition. The organizing committee consisted of MCCP core committee and executive committee.

Melita Alva, General Secretary of MCCP introduced the judges as Fr. Jayaprakash D’Souza , Benedicta D’Souza and Antony Martis. The judges were invited to their seats with Floral bouquets by Jessy Pereira, Lavina D’Sa and Lynel Lobo. Triven Goveas the musician of the show was welcomed by Jason Cardoza. Trescilla Menezes, internal auditor of MCCP read the rules of the competition.

The competition began with the female category which saw the best of the five female contestants in this season compete against each other . Flavia Castelino sang a very soulful song ‘Ani mhaka’, while Flavia Fernandes sweetly sang her number ‘Mojem Kaaliz mogar podlam’ Zeena D’Souza rocked into the hearts of the crowd with her peppy number ‘Raat Aaichi’, Inez Lobo won every heart with her singing on the number ‘Dev Asa’ and Precilla Lobo had everyone sway to her performance on ‘Dees Raat Moga’.

The next half was followed by the Male category where Joel Mendonca put up a very emotional performance with the song ‘Ye patim Mai’, while Cavin D’Souza beautifully presented the number’ Tuje Sobhit don dole’, Noel Machado struck a chord with ‘Pavshilo Mog’ while Joyal Dsouza sang the number ‘Horxem Kennai’ very melodiously. The number ‘Have ek sopnelii ‘ performed by Sandesh Dsouza won the hearts of many and ‘Prakash D’Souza’ with hid song Sodam Raati stole the show.

The whole event music was organized by Triven Goveas , who was all by himself proved to be the star of the event. His flawless music and unique music talent helped the contestants sail easily through the contest.

Ashok Pinto, Honorary treasure of MCCP proposed the vote of Thanks. A felicitation program was conducted by Lavina D’sa, Vice President of MCCP for Spiritual, cultural and community services. The judges were honored with a memento. Stanley Fernandes presented the memento to Fr. Jayaprakash D’souza, Henry Martis to Bendicta Dsouza and Donlad Pinto to Antony Martis. Bendicta D’souza spoke on behalf of all judges.

The eminent compere of the show Donald Correa of ‘Hero Only yours’ fame was felicitated by Clarence Pinto. Donald Correa accompanied with his wife Asha Correa mesmerized the audience with their soulful singing. Asha Correa was presented with a floral bouquet by Naveen Mascharenhas, Spiritual Secretary of MCCP.

Jessy Periera , vice President Sports and Finance presented Triven Goveas, musician of the event with the a memento.

Past Voice of Oman title winners Victoria Suares, Nirmala Goveas, Vivian Fernandes and Sachin Lobo presented the participation awards to all contestants .

Dilip Correa along with Fr Marian Miranda presented the floral bouquets to all sponsors , well wishers and supporters. Al Kaif trading LLC was the event sponsor. Badr Al Samaa courtesy Philomena Mendonca, Suleyum Al Kiyumi Trading LLC-Lovline Rego ,Sea Pearls courtesy Francis Molly Pinto , Enhance courtesy Rudolph Vaz , Vijay D’cunha were the supporting sponsors. Sudhir KP, Loveline Rego, Sharon Alva and Joachim D’souza were presented with a bouquet for their selfless support during all the MCCP programs.

The decor and interiors of the hall won the hearts of many as the entire hall was adorned with the theme colour and given a unique look by Lancy Lobo and his team .
The song sponsors for the contest were Arun D’ Souza & fly., Vincent & Dolly Gomes, Rebecca D’Souza, Jenny Joseph & fly., Al Mudhish - Oman Foodstuff factory, Vincent D’ Souza & fly., Sunil Furtado & Fly., Thomas & Aslita D’Souza., Leslie &Mariette Fernandes, John Gonsalves & fly., Shailesh Sequeira, Canon Dsouza & fly., John & Reena Mathias & fly, Lancy Saldanha& fly, Henry Sequeira & fly, Wilson, Helga, Winola Dsouza, Vincent D' Souza& fly, Avid & Shaila D’Souza, Liana D’ Souza.

After a lot of speculation and hype the winners were announced by Dilip Correa . Inez Lobo and Prakash D’Souza were crowned as Voices of Oman in the GVOM semifinals in Season 5. Stanley Fernandes presented the winners with trophies, Henry Martis handed the gift hampers, Donald Pinto presented the certificates and Clarence Pinto handed over the floral bouquets.

The winners will now be contesting in the finals which will be held on November 11th , 2016 at Bahrain, where they will compete against other finalist from the GCC countries for the coveted title of Gulf Voice of Mangalore 2016.



Report: Sunil Furtdao
Pics: Joachim D'Souza

Muscat, May 4: The selection of participants for the semi-final round of Gulf Voice Of Mangalore 2016 from Oman was done in an impressive style and scale by the Mangalorean Catholic Centre of the Parish (MCCP), Muscat, Oman. MCCP added further flair and fervour to the whole event by organizing a talent show by the community members.

Both the events, the preliminary round of GVOM as well as the talent show generated tremendous enthusiasm and there was a feeling of festivity and expectation among the members as they gathered at the parish main hall of Sts Peter & Paul Catholic Church, Ruwi on April 29.

The programme began at 10.30 am with Praveen Serra, the master of ceremonies taking centre stage and giving introduction of the event citing the glorious history of GVOM for the last eight years. Anitha Danthi, the spiritual secretary of MCCP invoked the blessings of the Almighty for the success of the programme. John Gonsalves, the president of MCCP, welcomed all to this important event and appreciated their love for Konkani and the community. The chief guest of the event Dilip Correa and guest of honour Denis Mascarehnas were escorted to the stage by Ophelia Lazarus and John Mathais, the vice-presidents of MCCP. They were honoured with flowers by John Gonsalves for taking time out of their busy schedules to attend the programme. The event was inaugurated by lighting of the lamp by the chief guest, the guest of honour and the executive committee members of MCCP.

Anita Lobo, cultural secretary of MCCP then introduced the judges for GVOM 2016. She gave a brief background of the three well-known personalities in the world of music, who were specifically invited from the neighbouring GCC countries to judge this event. The judges, Swibert Mascarehnas from Abu Dhabi, Saira Joyce Mascarehnas from Qatar and Wilfred Fernandes from Abu Dhabi were welcomed with flowers by the executive committee members, Ophelia Lazarus, Lancy Saldanha and Priya Menezes.

Praveen Serra called all contestants to march in and take their designated seats as the GVOM anthem played in the background. John Mathais, vice-president of MCCP read out the rules and regulations for the preliminary round of the competition. Celine D?Souza and Jacinta Serrao were introduced to the gathering as time keepers of the contest. The contest then began with the male contestants performing first, followed by the female contestants. All of them gave their best shot with soulful rendering of their choice of song. Most singers were accompanied by a box guitar player as allowed by the rules.

All the three judges were then called on stage and felicitated with mementos by Stanly Fernandes, Henry Martis and John Gonsalves. On popular demand, two judges, Wilfred Fernandes and Swibert Mascarehnas sang their favourite songs and regaled the audience, while the third judge, Saira Mascarehnas chose to give a feedback on the entire event. She pointed out all the positives as well as points for improvement to the contestants, which was well received. She hailed the efforts of MCCP for organizing the event in a very professional manner with excellent coordination and precision. She called upon the community members to encourage their family members to take advantage of such contests and participate in large numbers. She also said that it is not the spirit of winning but it is the spirit of participation that is more important and needs to be encouraged.

The vote of thanks was given by Sunil Furtado, treasurer of MCCP, where contributions done by various individuals and organizations to hold this event were cited and applauded. Stanley Fernandes, the core committee member of MCCP then came on stage to handover the plaque that he had recently received from the chief minister of Karnataka while laying the foundation stone for the Konkani Museum at Mangaluru on behalf of MCCP, being the founder member of Konkani Museum. John Gonsalves accepted the same on behalf of MCCP and the entire community.

It was finally the time to announce the results. Clarence Pinto, core committee member of MCCP and the chief coordinator of GVOM from Oman took over the proceedings. He first called all participants on stage and lauding their courage for taking part in the contest, presented each of them with a certificate of participation. He then announced the names of the winners, six each from male and female categories in the order of their standing. The winners were,

Female category

1. Zeena Maria D?Souza
2. Leanne Henrita Caldeira
3. Inez Lobo
4. Flavia Castelino
5. Flavia Jacintha Fernandes 
6. Precilla Lobo

Male category

1. Cavin D?Souza
2. Joyal D?Souza
3. Joel Francis Mendonca
4. Prakash Alwyn D?Souza
5. Noel Machado Kayyar
6. Sandhesh D?Souza

The trophies to the winners were given away by Dilip Correa, Denis Mascarehnas, Stanley Fernandes, Henry Martis and John Gonsalves. As a conclusion to the morning session and before serving the sumptuous lunch to all the attendees, Sr Stella Saldanha, who is on a short visit to Muscat, was called upon to say the grace before meal.

The afternoon session started immediately after lunch with very talented Peter Fernandes taking over the proceedings as the master of ceremonies of talent show. He entertained the audience with humorous one-liners and puzzles. More than twenty different performances from members and their children were presented one after the other, which turned out to be the most entertaining two hours ever. The audience was left totally mesmerized and spellbound by the variety and depth of talent that was on display from within the community.

The sizzling dance performances in classical as well as bollywood styles were put up by Harleen Pinto, Pearl Lewis, Glen Alexei Menezes, Saniya D'Souza, Christine Angelin Danthi, Anisha D'Costa, Melanie Nerissa D'Cruz, Jeslyn Amelia D'Souza, and Dynet Fremcitha Fernandes. A scintillating group dance was performed by Lovette Rachel Rego, Lanette Riol Rego, Leanne Alva, Reia Correa, Rochelle Correa, Christine Angelin Danthi, Renessa Walder, Grace Menezes and Anisha D'Costa, which was choreographed by Dynet Fernandes. A treat of melodious singing was dished out by young and upcoming singers Joanne D?Souza, Caroline D'Souza, Rochelle Correa, Lenita Lobo, Pritham Akash D'Souza, Gail Castelino and Neil Castelino. Sania Marisha D'Souza showed how a glass can be a musical instrument with her tap dancing along with singing. Jeston Gonsalves, Michelle Gonsalves, Neil Fernandes, Rochelle Lobo, Rebecca D'Souza and Ashwitha Aranha as music group presented charming and captivating songs from Konkani, Hindi and English with similar tunes. Alston Conrad Moras fascinated the crowd with his beat boxing prowess. The inimitable Rolson Cardoza presented a stand-up comedy which had the audience in splits.

The last performance of the day was a dazzling fashion show put up by Sylvester and Nancy Vaz. The confidence and style of the children walking down the ramp impressed one and all. The performers were, Lovette Rachel Rego, Lanette Riol Rego, Leanne Alva, Reia Correa, Rochelle Correa, Christine Angelin Danthi, Anisha D'Costa, Andril Lobo, Malcom D'Souza, Melrick D'Souza, Clive Austin Danthi, Stacy Vaz, Lionel Vaz, Clarita Saldanha, Larissa Saldanha, Harleen Pinto, Nathan Mervyn Lewis, Amanda D'Costa, Zenaida D'Costa, RenessaWalder, Priyanka Mendonsa, Rebecca D'Souza and AldreanMoras. Audience applauded when the coordinators Sylvester and Nancy Vaz walked on the ramp followed by the committee members, to bring a perfect finishing to the fashion show.

At the end, every performer was called on stage and given a certificate of appreciation and a gift for their brilliant performance. The winners of the recently held drawing competition were also awarded. John Gonsalves in his concluding speech thanked all the performers for putting up a splendid show and making this one-of-a-kind-event into a huge success. He also thanked all those who attended the function as their presence encouraged the talent among the members and their families. He requested a similar response for the Annual Day function of MCCP scheduled on May 27 at the same venue. While appreciating all those supported, he felicitated and thanked Lovleen Rego for music, Joachim for photography, Sylvester Vaz and Nancy Vaz for organizing the fashion show and Praveen Serra and Peter Fernandes for being the comperes of the day.

Overall, it was a heady mix of Konkani singing sensations of Oman putting in their best efforts to secure a berth in semi-final round of GVOM 2016 followed by a display of multiple talents. The dazzle as well as the sheer entertainment of the day would remain etched in the memory of the Konkani community members for a long time to come.



    Muscat, Sep 20: Josma Rodrigues and Sachin Lobo marched triumphantly into the finals of Gulf Voice of Mangalore-Season 4 held here on Friday, September 19. Twelve singing sensations from Oman contested the Gulf Voice of Mangalore-Season 4 to become the flag-bearer of Oman at the grand finale of the most awaited singing reality show in the Gulf.

    The semi-final was organized by the Mangalorean Catholic Centre of the Parish (MCCP) Oman at the Majan Continental Hotel, Ghala. The first season of Gulf Voice of Mangalore was in 2008 and the show thus far has dished out talented singers along this delightfully musical journey! A large number of Konkani music lovers gathered in the hall to witness the performances of the contestants. The event kick started at 5 pm with the tiny tots of MCCP Oman singing.

    Ace orator Lavina D'sa, took charge of the stage by compering the evening's programme. It has been a tradition at MCCP to invoke God's blessings at the start of the programme. Fr Stany Goveas led the faithful into a time of prayer by reading of the Gospel and a short homily.

    The 12 semi-finalists were escorted into the hall by beautifully dressed children to the tune of the GVOM anthem. What a gracious sight it was to see the semi-finalists Inez Lobo, Josma Rodrigues, Melita Alva, Renita Quadras, Astrin D'silva and Melanie Crasta in the women's category and Brian Madtha, Jonathan Bennett, Sachin Lobo, Issac Peter D'souza, Joel Mendonca and Cavin D'souza march into the hall with a clear-cut vision to battle it out to be chosen as Oman's face and voice at the grand finale of the GVOM-season 4. Henry Martis, a core team member, welcomed the august gathering.

    The team behind the preparations of the Gulf Voice of Mangalore-Season 4, to be hosted in Oman this year, "the steering committee" was then given a warm and befitting welcome as they walked into the hall on to the dais. The steering committee comprised of Stanley Fernandes as its chairman, Henry Martis, Clarence Pinto, Donald Pinto, Suraj Rebello the core team members, Apolinaris D'souza ? the senior member and mentor, Prsecilla Menezes, the present president of MCCP, Michael Goveas ? the president of Ghala Konkans and parish council member of Ghala parish, Monica Dantis (year 19) and Lancy Lobo (year 22) MCCP past presidents, Edward Mendonca and Mariete Fernandes ? current vice-presidents of MCCP, John Gonsalves honorary treasurer of GVOM-4 and Ophelia Lazarus (year 22) ? past vice-president of MCCP.

    At the felicitations, Fr Stany Goveas and the chief guests Ligory D'Mello and Vincent Machado were honoured with bouquets.

    To keep the memories of the GVOM-season 4 alive in the minds of the entire Konkani community in the GCC, a souvenir is being prepared and Vincent Machado unleashed the grand souvenir replica. The souvenir committee is headed by Suraj Rebello, with design conceptualized by Prescilla Menezes and the marketing team consists of Mariete Fernandes and Philomena Mendonca.

    The formal part of the programme was scrupulously handled by ace compeer Lavina D'sa.

    Entertaining the audience was the group of yesteryears' Voice of Oman from GVOM seasons 1,2 and the Gulf Voice of Mangalore-3. They were Dolphy Vaz, Vivian Fernandes, Victoria Suares, Reena D'souza and Nirmala Goveas supported by the macho voice, Dilip Correa, who made a grand entry as they sang? a perfect beginning for a musical moment. Dilip Correa then took over the competition part and managed this part of the epistle, meticulously.

    The mammoth task of selecting the best among the good array of singers was in the hands of the panel of judges. Monica Dantis the past president of MCCP, introduced the panelists as Oswald D'souza, Prem Lobo, Ivy D'souza and Ajith Peter. The judges were presented beautiful bouquet of flowers by Mariette Fernandes, Edward Mendonca, Ophelia Lazarus and John Gonsalves respectively. 
    Often known as the One-Man Band, the man who was to provide the live music for all contestants, Thusara Kuruvitage, a Sri Lankan by birth was accorded a warm welcome supported by the cheering audience who were already in love with his singing and music rendition. He was presented a bouquet of flowers by Micheal Goveas.

    Every competition is guided by the boundaries of a set of rules and regulations. Dilip Correa read out the rules for the contestants. The semi-finalists from the Women's category were called onto the stage to take their rightful places.

    Opening the competition was the group of aspiring ladies who were set to entertain the audience. Inez Lobo sang 'Mai' gracefully, young lass Josma Rodrigues impressed the judges and audience with her husky voice modulating as the song called for, Renita Quadras got everyone's feet tapping with a peppy number sweetly, Melita Alva set a new pitch to the evening with her soulful voice, Astrin D'silva with her melodious voice and variations mesmerized the crowd into the fantasy world, Melanie Crasta rocked the floor and proved as a crowd puller performer. The judges encouraged and appreciated all the contestants in their personal dialogue upon each ones performance.

    Seeing the ladies do so well, put the men in a pressure-tight situation. Up next was the group of men who were eagerly awaiting their chance. Brian Madtha showed off his range in singing with ?Maria? of Mog ani Maipas all time favourite for all, Joel Mendonca gave a surreal performance, Cavin D'souza sounded like a real star as he sang 'Sopnethalon', next up Jonathan Bennett worked the audience by singing ?Sodaan Raathi?, Sachin Lobo displayed his singing talent with ?Ye Paatti Moga?and Issac D'souza set the stage ablaze with his soulful voice.

    At the breaktime, crowd was satisfied with snacks. Fr Wilson Rumao, Assistant Parish Priest of Sts. Peter and Paul Church, Ruwi and Spiritual Director of MCCP Oman was escorted to the dais by Stanley Fernandes and offered a bouquet of flowers.

    Lancy Lobo proposed the vote of thanks offering much deserved gratitude to God Almighty, Fr Raul Ramos, Fr Wilson Rumao, Fr Albert D'silva, Ligory D'mello, Steering Committee of GVOM-Oman, Executive Committee of MCCP Oman, Judges for the semi-finals, Thusara Kuruvitage, Apolinaris D'souza, mentors for the contestants, Sponsor Omantel, contestants , emcees Dilip Correa and LavinaD'sa, Talentz LLC for the sound and lighting arrangements, management of Majan Continental Hotel, Laila for beautifully decorating the hall, Media Department ? Lin and Shanon, Music Management Loveline Rego, and all who have worked behind the scenes and of course the patient and supportive audience.

    The judges were honoured by Vincent Machado, Ligory D'mello, Prescilla Machado and Stanley Fernandes who handed over momentos respectively to Oswald D'souza, Prem Lobo, Ivy D'souza and Ajith Peter D'souza as token of appreciation. One of the judge Prem Lobo shared his word of advice to all contestants and congratulated them for their courage to sing in front of such a huge audience. Ms. Ivy got the crowd swaying as she delivered a scintillating performance. The crowd just could not stop cheering for her and all jumped to dance as she sang with her powerful voice.

    Thusara was given a standing ovation by all contestants as they well knew they would not have been able to deliver their performances, as he was honoured with a momento. Monica Waldar was also acknowledged with floral bouquet for unstumbling support throughout this journey.

    Apolinaris D'souza, Ida Pinto, Victoria Suares, Reena D'souza, Nirmala Goveas, DolphyVaz, were appreciated for having taken time out to mentor all the contestants.

    After a lot of speculation, suspense and wait, the winners were pronounced by Suraj Rebello. Josma Rodrigues and Sachin Lobo emerged as winners while hopes and dreams of the other contestants were cut short at this point? yet a sense of satisfaction gleemed on the faces of all contestants as they felt they all had learnt to perfect themselves in Konkani Music.

    Fr Wilson Rumao handed over the winning trophy and gift hamper to Josma and Sachin. Vincent Machado and Ligory D'mello gave away trophies to the first runner-up Melanie Crasta and Joel Mendonca in the Female and Male category respectively and the second runner-up Astrin D'silva and Jonathan Bennett in the Female and Male category respectively. But of course the day's result won't stop the remaining contestants from fulfilling their dreams in the next edition of Gulf Voice of Mangalore. Nevertheless all semi-finalists were presented momentos.

    Sachin Lobo, hailing from Bendore, having completed Mechanical Engineering from Str. Joseph Engineering College, Vamanjoor believes dancing is his passion but says that he will take his singing talent to the next level as he goes head on to represent Oman at GVOM-Season 4 Grand Finale.
    Josma Rodrigues born in Kinnigoli and brought up in Muscat says singing is her first love and will never let the talent go down. Having completed her Chemical Engineering from NIT, Warangal, she is all prepared to bring in some action and get a positive reaction from the judges and audience at the Grand Finale.

    On November 7, 2014, the fate of Gulf Voice of Mangalore-Season 4 will be sealed in Al Falaj hotel, Muscat. This year, Oman takes on the challenge to host the biggest singing reality show in the Gulf. Time will tell if Oman's Josma and Sachin capture the title of Gulf Voice of Mangalore-Season 4 in their own host country?!

    Konkani music lovers can't wait to watch the finalists from the other GCC countries take on each other as they clash for the coveted title.



    Muscat, Jun 14: In an interesting and hard fought preliminary round competition of the Gulf Voice of Mangalore (GVOM), Season 4, a talent hunt show for the Konkani speaking community that is spread all over the Gulf region, six male and six female singers entered into the semifinals.

    The preliminary round competition was organized by the Mangalorean Catholic Centre of the Parish (MCCP, Sts Peter and Paul Church, Ruwi) on the Friday, June 13 at the main parish hall of Holy Spirit Church - Ghala. As announced by the officials of MCCP, the semifinal round will be held on September 19 in the main parish hall of Sts Peter and Paul Church, Ruwi.


    The Gulf Voice of Mangalore singing competition is considered to be one of the most popular and top rated talent show in the history of Konkani music, a brainchild of Lawrence Pinto and Louis Rodrigues from Kuwait, was first conducted in Kuwait in 2008 under the banner 'Youth Recreation Club Kuwait'.

    This year’s preliminary round competition of Oman Region commenced with a brilliant introductory note by Ajith Walder, a well known community activist and past vice president (Sports and Finance Committees) of MCCP. Ajith Walder, throughout the program, exhibited a thorough command of powerful Konkani language and precisely presented every part of the competition with ease and perfection.

    Fr Robert Lasrado, a visiting Capuchin priest from Mangalore, offered the opening prayers seeking heavenly blessings on the program and the contestants.

    Stanley T H Fernandes, the chairman of the Gulf Voice of Mangalore : Season 4 organizing committee in Oman and the past president of MCCP, welcomed the audience, judges and participants. He also gave a brief history of Gulf Voice of Mangalore.

    Lancy Lobo, the immediate past president of MCCP and Prescilla Menezes, the current president of MCCP, escorted Fr Robert Lasrado to the stage and Fr Lasrado was honored with a floral bouquet by Lancy Lobo. After the inauguration of the Gulf Voice of Mangalore : Season 4 - Oman edition by all the dignitaries present on the stage, Fr Robert Lasrado delivered an inspiring message to the audience and contestants.

    Lavina D Sa, a well known Konkani speaker, one of the community leader of Pangalites in Oman and past executive committee member of MCCP, introduced the eminent judges of the competition. They were Valerian Crasta, a prominent member of the Ghala Catholic Community, well-known choir conductor of Salalah and Ghala parishes, Marie Pereira, fine singer, choir member of various parishes and teacher at Indian School Muscat and Loy Lobo, vibrant piano player, Music degree holder from Trinity College of Music, London and a famous music composer of several musical programs in Mangalore and Udupi. The judges were honored by Michael Goveas, Mangalorean community leader of the Holy Spirit Church - Ghala, Mariete Fernandes, MCCP vice-president, cultural, spiritual and community services and Edward Mendonca, MCCP vice-president, sports and finance committees.

    The Gulf Voice of Mangalore, title song composed by Leslie Rego, tuned by Claud D'Souza and music composed by Joswin Pinto, was presented and all the contestants entered the hall with a grand welcome march. The contestants were, in men’s category, Brian Madtha, Cavin D'Souza, Issac Peter D'souza, Joel Francis Mendonca, Jonathan Bennett, Noel Machado D, Peter Prakash Fernandes, Prakash Alwyn D'souza, Ronson D'Souza, Sachin Lobo, Stanislaus D'souza and Zino Saldanah and ladies category, Anitha Lobo, Astrin D'Silva, Dynet Fernandes, Flavia Castelino, Flavia Jacintha Fernandes, Inez Lobo, Josma Henna Rodrigues, Melanie Crasta, Melita Alva, Renita Rosaline Quadras and Sandra Concesso

    Naveen Mascarenhas an active member of the community, presented the rules of the competition. The management of the competition was perfectly carried out by Nirmala Goveas, Celine D Souza and Jane Castelino.

    In the competition, every contestant was encouraged by the audience with laud applause and cheers. It was clearly visible during the competition that every contestant had put lot of efforts and energy to present their singing talents in the best possible manner. In fact, the audience thoroughly enjoyed the program.

    Immediately after the competition, Valerian Crasta and his wife Dorothy Crasta were specially felicitated by the Konkani Speaking Community of the Holy Spirit Church Ghala for their selfless service to the community and the parish. Valerian Crasta, after serving 31 years in the Sultan Qaboos University, has decided to move back to India. This felicitation program was presented by John Gonsalves, the parish council member of the Holy Spirit Church Ghala. Stanley Fernandes, Michael Goveas, Nirmala Goveas, Edward Mendonca were present on the stage and Valerian and Dorothy Crasta were presented with floral bouquets and a memento.

    After the felicitation ceremony, the judges were honored by Stanley Fernandes and Prescilla Menezes. Thomas Pinto, an active member of the Gulf Voice of Mangalore Planning Committee, proposed the vote of thanks. A special appreciation was given to Cavin D Souza, W J Towell, Henry and Gracy Castelino and Raphael Quadras of Zahrat Al Rawdha Company for their support and help. 

    All the participants were presented with certificates by Stanley Fernandes, Donald Pinto, Suraj Rebello and Clarence Pinto, Core Team Members of MCCP.

    The winners of both categories were announced by Apolinaris D Souza, one of the finest musicians of the Konkani Community and mentor of several budding singers.

    A traditional lunch which was deliciously prepared by Henry and Gracy Castelino of Barka, was served to the audience.

    The winners in each category were as follows :


    1. Brian Madtha 
    2. Cavin D Souza
    3. Issac Peter D Souza
    4. Joel Francis Mendonca
    5. Jonathan Bennet
    6. Sachin Lobo


    1. Astrin D Silva
    2. Inez Lobo 
    3. Josma Henna Rodrigues
    4. Melanie Crasta
    5. Melita Alva

    6. Renita Roseline Quadras


    Click here for detailed report & Pics 









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