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"Smiling/spreading smile and appreciating other's good deeds are the best nature of a person but very hard to practice due to self ego. If you master these two habits, you will always stay young and happy "
- Baba Wilson Shirthadywala.


While shopping at a Saree Shop, My daughter Susan asked me to show photograph of Ida D'Silva who was going to celebrating her diamond birthday that weekend. I opened Ida's Face book profile on my mobile and gave to her. Before she could glance at it, Ida entered into the shop and stood right in front of Susan. What a coincident!!! After couple of minutes of chit chat, she left the shop and as a typical Mangalorean I told "We remembered her and she appeared. This lady will live for 100 years". My daughter corrected me, "Looking at her, I don't think she will live for 100 years. She will live for 100 more years". What a compliment to young and energetic Ida Bai. Whenever I see her, I remember Rekha's beauty and Lorna/Usha Uthup's energy which is spotless and tireless.


Ida Pinto nee D'silva who is fondly known as Ida Bai for everyone and Idu for her parents who came to Kuwait 38 years back at a tender age of 22 years never grown physically due to her evergreen signature smile, habit of spreading happiness, helping needy, appreciating good deeds of other's and down to earth nature. Along with her Husband John D'Silva who is a back bone and great supporter of Ida, these couple is always in front row when it comes to contribute for any charity shows or helping needy whether it is a service or financial need.


Ida was uncrowned queen of Konkani dramas during the time when electronic/social media was not active. She always excelled in studies, sports, acting, singing, dancing and many activities without the help of Google and YouTube. She was a great stage actress as heroin of most of the dramas in Kuwait, singer and also participated in dances. She has acted in many stage plays along with legendary actor Late Johny Suratkal, Director Late Lancy Pinto, Shaan Bondel, Valley and many more. Some of her roles in stage plays such as "tho maka naka" are still remembered.


She is active member of KCWA since its inception and served as Vice President and President. She is also active member of Konkani Choir in Kuwait since its beginning during mid 90s along with Johny Suratkal, Francis D'Souza, Rita Rodrigues, Leena, Ronnie Fernandes Suratkal, Maxim, Vincy Mascarenhas, Hezel and others. D'Silva couples were always first to lend their house for charity show practices. She not only sung on stage, also rendered her voice for devotional CDs. She is a social worker and great supporter of Konkani languages. Her second generations call her as Moushi, Akai and Mami rather than calling her Aunty. A very practical lady with a broad and kind heart.


As the name says Ida is "Ideal, Dear and Adorable" blessed with Gem like supportive husband John and three grown up self dependent kids Jennifer, Jovita and Joel. When asked what you wish for your birthday, she expressed "All my wishes are fulfilled and I don't have anything more to wish". What a way to thank the creator for what he has given to her. "I never feel bad to disclose my age as I feel I am more matured than aged" was her response when I asked "When ladies never grow old, how you proudly announce your age on your diamond birthday?". On auspicious day 4th December 2017, along with my family and all your well-wishers wish you a very happy 30th birthday along with 30 years of life experience. May you live for 100 more years with great health and happiness to spread love and care to your surroundings. I salute the great John D'silva who supported her with great freedom to be what she is today.


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-Wilson Saldanha 



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“Saving our culture and tradition is not forcing our living style and food habits on others. To save our culture in real meaning, just follow it honestly and world will follow you”.
-Baba Wilson Shirthadywala.

Couple of years back I had seen Suresh Salian in one of Tulu Koota Kuwait competitions and I was very much impressed by one of his drawings he has done for competition. I never knew this tall silent and soft spoken Suresh has a volcano of cultural events in his brain and it was a feast to eyes when they exploded during TKK events.

Suresh Salian is a fine Artist, Singer, Host, Compere and event co-ordinator with a thorough knowledge of Indian culture and heritage. If any of the Tulukoota events or inaugurations were vibrant and colorful, it means they were beautifully structured by Suresh Salian. He is backbone of Tulu Koota cultural activities.

I was amazed to see his cultural show 'Tembere' during this year’s tulu Parba. His super shows during Tulu Parba such as 'Tembere', 'Sauragini Rashtra', “Dashavatara” etc were one of the finest creations I have witnessed in Kuwait. They were the bundle of entertainment with Mangalorean/Indian heritage and traditional touch. He has touched most of the cultural, family, religious and social activities of Tulunadu/India crossing all boundaries of religion, cast and language. One need to have a thorough knowledge, exceptionally good heart and very broad mind to involve all religions and languages to showcase in such beautifully directed shows. The costumes used, themes selected, acting and time management shows at least a year’s preparation has been done to showcase the same.

Whereas our kids in gulf are totally unaware of our cultural activities back home, these shows displayed the rich cultural heritage of Tulunadu and make them to understand the same. Involving more than 100 artists with perfect costumes, backdrops, background scores, special light effects and perfect presentation without any hiccups in between is really appreciable.

Other than meeting in TKK events, I don’t know much about Suresh. I request the readers to give your inputs in your comment so that we can know more on this humble person. I will not be wrong if I call him “Cultural Ambassador of Mangalore in Kuwait”. A big salute to you His Excellency Suresh Salian…..!!!

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-Wilson Saldanha 


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"It is strange that grown up siblings fighting each other for ego even though they are not dependent on each other. Remember- siblings are only enemies you can't live without them in real meaning. Love them unconditionally to be loved by them. Relatives are not how they are related to us. It is how we keep relation with them."
- Baba Wilson Shirthadywala.

"Your sister has taken care of my father like her own father and it is my duty to take care of her mother like mine". My Brother in law Clody consoled me when my mother was detected with cancer and counting her final days which could be some weeks, months or years. He strictly ordered (Only a person close to heart has right to order) not to think about leaving our jobs abroad and comedown to take care of my mother till she is under their care. My sister's attitude has influenced the family which adopted her. They not only took care of our mother during her last days of life, they have also taken responsibility of taking care of our father as an ideal child.

My only sister who followed me after 3 years from my mother's womb is not only my sister, she has played all roles of women in my life. By birth she is my sister and becomes my mother whenever I do something wrong and need correction or guidance. Sometimes I feel she is my daughter looking at her masti-ful plays with my and her kids (Susan, Suman, Clyde & Kristel). She is my grandmother too as she had taken extreme care of my parents like her own kids. I can also call her "Saali" as my wife Priya always call her as her own sister and never likes calling her "sister in law". She is also like brother as all of us call her "Bayya" which sounds like "Bhayya" (Brother in Hindi).

I have seen siblings fighting, keeping grudge, cheating each other for property and money matters, helping to put them down, not keeping in touch, not attending family functions giving excuses of formalities etc... etc.... Relatives are not how they are related to us. It is how we keep relation with them. For a sibling, no formalities required to invite for a function whether it is a big day like wedding or a small day like yearly feasts or family get togethers. It is everyones first duty to get involved in their sibling's function and helping them to do it successfully rather than expecting respect from them. Be a key player in your sibling's life and always take a back seat when it comes to credit. A smile in others face because of us will be converted into a prayer and will reciprocate as blessing/smile in our life which will leads into prosperity.

Being children of a military man and strict mother, we were brought up with discipline and a tough training to do all the housework at a very young age of 6 years which made us tough to face anything in life. Meantime we had a great freedom to fulfill all our wishes of childhood (which are reasonable and legal). Born in Lucknow (now ruled by Super CM Yogi Adityanath), my sister was only 3 years when we settled down at Shirthady for our education as there was no CBSC at that time. We were trained to do all works ourselves whether it is taking bath, washing our plates/cloths, cooking etc. We used to pull water from 40" well and water coconut trees. Chilies, ginger and vegetables were grown ourselves. Once she was teenager, she took over all housework and made me a lazy brother. We have a lot of sweet memories of childhood which most of present kids are missing. We fought like enemies, beat each other like wrestlers, played like friends, compete like rivals, done many mischievous/adventurous things hiding from our parents and also got caught many times. But we never allowed anyone to lay a finger on us. At the end of the day we were siblings and still remained same and hope to remain with better bond in future too. I still remember the day when I was 8 and she was 5, while coming from our grandparent's house (Miyar-Karkala) the bus we traveled broke down and we had to walk 9 kms from Hosmar to Shirthady to reach home as there were no other buses. I still wonder thinking of her courage, stamina and will power at that tender age.

I am a lucky one to get a sibling like Kiran who is very supportive with no formalities. We are like a life insurance to each other as we will support each other in case of any emergency. Today on June 1st, I wish a very happy birthday and many happy returns of the day to this great sister (Bayya born in UP) who made me a proud brother due to her nature. May everyone in this world get a sibling like mine. If not please try to be a wonderful sibling like my sister and just watch your sibling will become like mine. A big salute to her better half Clody Lobo who allowed her to be a wonderful sibling.

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-Wilson Saldanha

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"With the position and power a person also gets ego and rules the world. If someone over comes ego when they get power and position, they rule the hearts."
- Baba Wilson Shirthadywala.

About 15 year's back I met a very talented family- a father, mother and two lovely young daughters in one of the family get together at my uncle's place. They were centre of attraction with their multitalented activities. They entertained every one with their jokes, mimicry, singing, dance, naughtiness and conducting games. We were very much impressed with Steven Machado, his wife Rennie and sweet daughters Sweeney and Paloma.

Even though he was one of the highly posted Mangalorean in banking industry of Kuwait, Steven becomes very reachable person due to his down to earth character. I will not be wrong if I say he is one of the strongest pillar of Kuwait's most popular Mangalorean Association KCWA. He is one among very rear persons who elected twice as president for a leading association. He was president of KCWA for 4 years during 2005-2007 and 2011-2013. During his tenure, KCWA has reached to 1 Crore and 2 Crore Rupees charity which is commendable for both association, president and the whole committee. KCWA runs in his blood and I have seen him talking proudly about it even during family get togethers.

Steven is a multitalented person as a leader, compere, actor, comedian, singer moreover a family person and a good friend to whoever comes across him. As far my knowledge, he never goes behind fame and whatever he does he does with full heartedly for the personal satisfaction and benefit of others. He is one among who gives credit to deserved ones. When we approached him to enact some jokes by making a team for GVOM 2014 semifinals, he happily agreed to do so without any returns. The respect for him increased in my heart when he called and informed me that all the previous jokes he enacted were written and directed by Kuwait's legendary hidden artist Lancy Rodrigues and requested us to approach him with a request. What a impressive way to give real credit to deserved ones without expecting for self.

Steven is a great actor who acted with most of Kuwait's comedians starting from legendary Late Johny Misquit to the latest ones (…). Audience enjoy all his characters whether as a drunkard, a priest, husband, laborer, owner, patient or anything we can name it. He is a popular "KUDI" (drunkard) character on the stage and no one can do it better than him. He and his team not only entertained Kuwait audience, they also left their mark in other Gulf countries too. His humble and soft spoken nature keeps everyone lively and makes him a magnet which attracts everyone towards him.

After decades of service to Kuwait and Society, Steven is leaving Kuwait this week for good to his motherland along with family for a relaxed life. Person like Steven can never go for a retired life as the quality of charity and entertainment within him will never allow him to retire. It is a sad moment that Kuwait and Kuwait's Konkani Community will lose a great leader, entertainer and moreover a good human being. Still we should be happy for him for opting to leave after his kids well settled in their life and he decided when he is still young and healthy. I always envy for his young looks and slim personality even after decades of stay in Food rich country of Kuwait. Then my inner voice whispers "you can't be young, energetic and slim like Steven unless you always be happy like him and make others happy".

With a gratitude, I wish Steven and his family all the best and a happy stay wherever he goes. May almighty God always keep him Happy, Healthy, Wealthy and let him spread the same to others as he has done during past.

Finally I request all to express your views/ like/ comment/share on this if you agree or disagree with me. These are my personal views and the only intention is to bring the fact to public through Face Book- the fastest growing media. I have done my work and it is your turn to express your views. Read more articles at

-Wilson Saldanha

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"With the position and power a person also gets ego and rules the world. If someone over comes ego when they get power and position, they rule the hearts."
- Baba Wilson Shirthadywala.

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"God first created Charlie Chaplin & Mr. Bean (Rowan Atkinson) to make the world smile. Then he saw tensed life of Mangaloreans in Kuwait and created Rajesh Fernandes. Whatever its size may be a candle brightens the whole room when it is lit"
- Baba Wilson Shirthadywala.

During Kuwait's most popular Mangalorean Association KCWA's 25th anniversary, Konkani drama “Aami Nathlyaa Vellar” was played by Daiji Rang Mandir from Dubai. A skinny local artist amazed the whole audience with his short appearance and only dialogue in court scene ".....Hazir Ho.....!!!". Even the visiting artists of drama were remembering his appearance and expressed their joy with me as I knew most of them.Rajesh Fernandes doesn't need a dialogue to tickle the ribs of audience. His appearance makes everyone laugh. He is the rarest comedian in Kuwait with this quality.

A shy natured "Chhupa Rustam" Rajesh sets fire on stage during his entry and spreads waves of laughter before he could start his dialogues. His body language, coordination with co-artists, accepting variety of characters, and completely going into the role makes him a great comedy actor on the stage. His fearless entry, flexible movements, lightning delivery of dialogues, understanding the concept and quick response to co-artist's dialogues makes him a hero among the team. Whatever the subject, whichever the stage, whoever the partner, Rajesh never bothers what he is. He just goes into the character and just do it as if the character entered into him. A blessed person who can drove away all the worries of gathered with only his appearance spreading positive energy around him.

One cannot guess his talents when they meet him outside with his family. I met him couple of times in church or during some events and feel happy for him when he speaks in a very humble soft voice. I still think some good spirit enters into him on the stage to spread magic of laughter into the surrounding people.

A talented rarely found 'born comedian' Rajesh is always ready for his contribution for any charity events whether it is small or big. I have seen him shining in the stages of UMK, KCWA, Tulu Koota Kuwait, Gulf Voice of Mangalore, Wilfy Nite and many more. He has shared stage with most of Konkani actors of Kuwait and made everyone happy. When it comes for comedy, he is like a match stick. Even though it looks small, it can spread the fire (of laughter) to whole forest (Audience). He doesn't need a script. His entry, couple of second's stay on stage and exit is much more enough to relieve the tension and have a healthy laugh.

Even though I don't know anything about Rajesh's personal life, I could find through Face book that he is happily married to Matilda Fernandes and blessed with a sweet daughter Renilda. May God bless this sweet family and give him more strength and courage to make everyone happy through his talents. I leave the rest on readers to add in your comments with a dream to watch him in a female character role if he agrees to shave his mustache.

Finally I request all to express your views/ like/ comment/share on this if you agree or disagree with me. These are my personal views and the only intention is to bring the fact to public through Face Book- the fastest growing media. I have done my work and it is your turn to express your views. Read more articles at

-Wilson Saldanha


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"Straight forward people are always honest and trustworthy even though they are most misunderstood people in this world. They are like Coconut. Hard at appearance and filled with sweet and tender love inside "
- Baba Wilson Shirthadywala.

During 2007, when we were blessed with our second daughter Suman, we planned her Christening party at Caesars Restaurant Fahaheel and enquired for a good Emcee with manager Jerry. He told us "If you want to follow the tradition, Jaison is the only one who can do it perfectly. But please check whether he is free". We approached the busiest Emcee Jaison Lasrado and he happily agreed for the same. We just told him to manage everything himself without our interference and only thing we asked with him is number of gifts required for games. Believe me that was the best family party we ever had with live music at a damn reasonable price. After settling everything when I asked for his charges, he simply smiled and said "Wilson, I know whom to charge and whom not to charge" and left the hall leaving us in a surprise.

I strongly believe in existence of God who is our creator but also think he too makes mistakes. When billions of people around the world pray to him, he too gets busy, confused and make mistakes while distributing talents to his creature and the lucky ones gets more share leaving many as dumb like me. Jaison is such a creature with multi talents. He is the only multilingual Emcee in Kuwait who can fluently compere in English, Hindi, Kannada, Tulu, Konkani and can also manage in Arabic. He is also a singer, actor, musician, comedian, compere, player and moreover a good human being married to Reema Salma DSouza and blessed with a sweet beautiful daughter Reanne. Along with he has also directed the skit/dramas and trained many to sing and perform.

During 2012 Gulf Voice of Mangalore finals at Qatar after "Angelina" song, when legendary Singer/Composer Henry D'Souza praised GVOM Orson Albert D'Souza as "Orson, you are Awesome", My inner voice whispered in my ears "Jaison, you are double awesome". Jaison was the person who made Orson to win the title with his heavy training. It was a very tough task to make Non/rarely Konkani spoken person (my sincere apologies to Orson) to win an international title in Konkani singing. Also a big thanks to Joy Fernandes who joined Jaison to tune Orson.

When he sung "Daa Rupiya- Chalre Papia" along with Vishwas Rebimbus during 2002, my elder daughter Susan who was 2.5 years old was so impressed with his singing, even after 15 years whenever they meet they call each other as "Papiya". He also acted in many skits and dramas including with legendary actor late Johny Misquith Suratkal (May his soul rest in peace), sung in many concerts, compered most of the association events, supported many associations to conduct events including all ladies "Agnesian Alumnae". I will not be wrong if I say there is no Mangalorean association in which Jaison is not involved. He is the one who performed perfect tradition while compering whether it is a christening, communion, wedding or any function with a thorough knowledge of Mangalorean culture of all religions.

A tough looking, strict, straight forward with softest hearted Jaison is a rarely found fun loving person specially with special care and love towards kids. There is no event without his touch in Kuwait whether it is a Family function, musical event, association events, Choir, church functions, corporate event or a rare event such as celebration of Papal Honor. He is always first one to support charity events even if it is a Christmas Carol singing for a cause. Meeting him and spending leisure time with him is always memorable with his humorous and full of "MASTI" nature. Even though he is a well qualified graduate and serious professional at work, he becomes a very jovial kid while with friends. To reduce the length of article, I leave the rest on readers to add in your comments. A big salute and respect to this extra ordinary person with a dream to watch him compering GVOM in Kuwait with his vast knowledge of music and singing.

Finally I request all to express your views/ like/ comment/share on this if you agree or disagree with me. These are my personal views and the only intention is to bring the fact to public through Face Book- the fastest growing media. I have done my work and it is your turn to express your views. Read more articles at

-Wilson Saldanha


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"The world exists because humanity still exists. Don't lose hope. Start it from you rather expecting from others. Let others follow your foot steps"
- Baba Wilson Shirthadywala.

Cancer is a disease which kills not only the patient, its family too- emotionally and financially. Both patient and its family suffers for a lifetime. I had read many articles, seen many documentaries and movies on hospitals making money by taking advantages of sentiments of patient's family by prescribing unnecessary tests and medicines. But one recent incident of our life made me to believe that still humanity exists.

After happy moments of celebrations of Golden anniversary of my parents during June 2015, we had an unbelievable, hard to digest news during October 2015. My mother was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer which is a disease in which malignant (cancer) cells form in the tissues of the pancreas. It is difficult to detect (find) and diagnose early. There aren?t any noticeable signs or symptoms in the early stages of pancreatic cancer until it is quite advanced and complete surgical removal isn't possible.

Initially we had consulted Dr. Rohan Chandra Gatty who is a Senior Consultant Surgical Oncologist at MIO (Mangalore Institute of Oncology) at Fr. Muller's Hospital. He was so kind that he had spent more than 3 hours explaining the disease with us without taking any consultancy fee. He was honest to tell us that we cannot save our mother by any treatment. He could have given us hopes and made money out of our sentiments by prescribing many tests and treatments. I also seen him suggesting other patients to avail Vajpayee Scheme or get Bishop's letter for discounts and medical expenses which made him a respectable person in my heart.

Then after consulting many we decided to do the medication at KMC Attavar with Mangalore's No#1 doctor Dr. Krishna Prasad who is the chief consultant Medical Oncologist at MIO (Mangalore Institute of Oncology). He is the one who broke the ice by telling my mother that she has cancer in a very professional manner and made her to accept the fact. He was so kind during his visits that my mother used to tell that she feels like taking to her own son. His compassionate dealing with his patients treats them 50% without medicines. He hugs the patients and gives them hope of living which makes them more comfortable with their doctor. Due to the side effects of medicines, my mother had wounds on her body with pus in it. Even at that stage he was giving her a compassionate hug and console her. He neither hide the fact from us nor given any unnecessary tests to make money.

We had Hindi spoken Dr. Sourjya Banerjee (from Culcutta) Assistant Professor, Department of Radiation Oncology KMC Hospital Attavara Mangalore for radiation. He was so kind that my mother was very comfortable with him as she too stayed in Culcutta during 1975 with my dad who served in defense and was very fond of speaking Hindi. These three doctors completely changed my negative opinion on medical field in India.

About KMC Attavar, it is one of the best hospitals in Mangalore with very clean surroundings. Even though it is heavily crowded with patients, you will never get smell of a hospital/ medicine/ disinfectants (which is common in most of the hospitals) due to its high hygienic condition and cleanliness. It also has a clean canteen with variety of food choice at very reasonable prices (Vegetarian lunch or dinner costs only Rs. 30 per person).

Before God took her into his arms, my mother was in hospital on oxygen for 7 days. The hospital charged only Rs 21,000 which included special room, oxygen, all medicines, tests, adult's pampers, doctor's charges, food (breakfast, lunch, dinner and two teas with snacks) and two additional days mortuary charges. The medical staff were so kind that we had nothing to do other than being present there. I don't think any of the hospitals will charge such a reasonable amount that too during final days of a patient. It made me to regain confidence on existence of humanity in this modern world specifically in medical field. Even though loss of a mother can't be filled, due to these doctors and hospital, her final days were smooth and no burden was loaded on her family. May God bless these doctors and hospital and let many more such people exist in this world.

Finally I request all to express your views/ like/ comment/share on this if you agree or disagree with me. These are my personal views and the only intention is to bring the fact to public through Face Book- the fastest growing media. I have done my work and it is your turn to express your views. Read more articles at



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?Playing guitar is like speaking, don?t always play fast and blabber something, then nobody will understand what you spoke? - Alwyn Fernandes

The real celebrity is the one who keeps his feet on the ground while flying in sky.
- Baba Wilson Shirthadywala

Every movie maker in India has a dream of having Salman Khan or Rajnikanth as their hero and every Konkani Musical events has a dream of having Alwyn Fernandes as guitarist even though they can't achieve it. The similarity in both dreams is everyone cannot afford to have them as they are one of the top personalities of their respective field.

During Gulf Voice of Mangalore ( 2014 Kuwait Semifinals, when Lead guitarist Jackson had to go to India on emergency, it was like a heart attack for organizers as only 3- 4 days were remained for the event. This has turned into a blessing as The Master of Music Charity Joy Fernandes( managed to hook his sibling Alwyn Fernandes to rescue as he is the only one who can manage to play with a day's practice. I just pinched myself to confirm I am not dreaming. Rest was the history.

I met Alwyn only twice in my life. First during GVOM 2010 Dubai Finals when Wanishia introduced him to me and second time 2014 Kuwait semifinals. But the most impressing thing in him is his down to earth nature. He is most friendly and a person who always appreciates others rather than taking credit for himself.

From being a choir boy in the sleepy town of Mangalore to being voted by Rolling Stone magazines one of India?s Top Ten Guitarists, Alwyn Fernandes has come a long way. He is versatile, stylish and plays from the heart. In addition, he is a brilliant composer and arranger. After a struggling career and hard life in music world, Alwyn has risen to the proud status of a Movie Music Director and is actively involved in the Kannada, Telugu and Hindi film industry.

Alwyn is a guitar maestro, one of the best in India who regularly performs with Dr. L Subramaniam, Suraj Mani, Lucky Ali and many more great personalities of Bollywood Music industry and also composed music for movies. The bands he played guitar has won international acclaim. He has recorded albums and scored music for movies. But, playing live before an audience is what gives guitarist Alwyn Fernandes a high. Every musician plays with him always reserves a place for him in their heart.

As he rightly express music, ?You have to make a straight connection with your instrument. Just play and enjoy what you play.?

Once again KCWA is presenting him as a part of ?Muzik Collective?, ( the most friendly musical group of Kuwait which always makes budding singers comfortable to sing rather than tensed. So I request all audience of Kuwait not to miss a chance to witness a great show which includes one of the best guitarist among 1.3 billion population of India live on GVOM Semi's stage.

I end this with the quote leaving a guess of its original author, ?It?s not about being famous or making money. You must enjoy what you play, and I still want to go out there and play good live stuff. I would advise young guitarists not to restrict themselves to listening only to rock or any particular genre of music. Rock is great for speed and energy, but for all round development you must listen to all styles.?

Finally I request all to express your views/ like/ comment/share on this if you agree or disagree with me. These are my personal views and the only intention is to bring the fact to public through Face Book- the fastest growing media. I have done my work and it is your turn to express your views. Read more articles at

-Wilson Saldanha 



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"Acknowledging the effort of someone for our success never steals credit from us. It increases respect in others heart which will be converted into blessings"
- Baba 
Wilson Shirthadywala.

After the GVOM 2012, I had posted my wish of Kuwaiti Singer Mubaraksinging Konkani song for next GVOM ( Many commented positively even though most of them knew it is a difficult task. At that time my and Mubarak's common friend Prashanth had suggested me to make him sing Wilfy Rebimbus evergreen song "Mog tujo kitlo Ashelo".

During GVOM 2014, I expressed this wish with GVOM Organizers and all three agreed with the same. I called Mubarak and told him about my wish. Initially he hesitated and refused to sing as he was not confident singing in other languages. As he is common friend of mine and many Hindi event organizers in Kuwait, he asked suggestion with them. As all of them knew me they asked him not to refuse my request. I sent him song in MP3, YouTube link and lyrics in Arabic through Whatsapp. We continued conversation through Whatsapp voice messages. I gave him singing and diction practice in my car. It was Unbelievable that within no time he picked the proper lyrics and tune which shows his professionalism and dedication.

We had kept the singers name confidential with the musicians. When I took him for practice session, they were simply amazed by his way of singing. I still remember our drummer Rony showing us Goosebumps after listening to him. Two days before the show, when Walter Nandalike posted the hot news in daijiworld (, there were many positive and negative comments. Many couldn't believe that he can sing in Konkani.

On the day of event, when he sang the song, everyone in the hall were spellbound and that moment become talk of town ( Even legendary Wilfyaab's daughter Veena Rebimbus Pais appreciated the efforts of Mubarak Al Azmi. Even though he is a Kuwaiti National, citizen of this country, he acknowledged me on the stage without any ego. I was very sentimental with wet eyes to listen to him singing perfectly. The pirated version of the video in YouTube got more than one lakh views within couple of days. Mubarak honestly acknowledged that he never got such a response for his singing in Hindi comparing to this event and after he sang Konkani, he used to get 30 to 40 friends request on Facebook every day. He honestly thanked me for the opportunity he got. I appreciate his talent of picking a song in unknown language and way of acknowledging and appreciating. It made him great in my heart as sharing success with others is not a easy job even though it looks simple.

Finally I request all to express your views/ like/ comment/share on this if you agree or disagree with me. These are my personal views and the only intention is to bring the fact to public through Face Book- the fastest growing media. I have done my work and it is your turn to express your views. Read more articles at

-Wilson Saldanha 


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"An individual always has a manufacturing and expiry date. Only community has no expiry date. So always be a part of community rather than individual"
-Baba Wilson Shirthadywala.

When Kuwait GVOM ( was handed over to KCWA(, many asked a question why it happened. When during 2008 GVOM was founded, no one expected it to reach to this level. It has become Konkani's No# 1 reality show completing 4 seasons and stepping into 5th season. But as a part of it for last 4 seasons, I am totally aware of the tension, hard work and worries faced by its founders/organizers during every season. After completion of every season the main worry for them was "what about next season? Will we be there in Kuwait to do it?"

As everyone aware, the stay of individual in Kuwait (in general in GCC Countries) as an expatriate is not permanent. We may have to leave this country any time due to health reason/ family problems/ migration/ retirement/ losing jobs etc. Due to this any great international events such as GVOM should not discontinue as it will result in stopping the event in all 6 countries. Thinking of this the founders had taken a wise decision by handing it over to Kuwait's largest Mangalorean association KCWA thinking that GVOM will remain till KCWA exists.

As everyone Knows, KCWA is an association which will exist till last Mangalorean leaves Kuwait and I am more than 100% sure that it will take GVOM to new heights with its vast experience in organizing programs professionally as it has a huge voluntary manpower and team of professional dedicated people. 

In its first GVOM, KCWA proved its innovation by inviting G(Gladys)V(Vinay)O(Orson)M(Morvine) together on single stage and introducing professional judges with new faces rather than repeating the same judges of last seasons. It has also planned to give chance to local talents as compere which is highly appreciated. They have already started to introduce the contestants on Face book in an unique way and we can expect many more innovative ideas during coming days. From bottom of my heart, I wish KCWA and all GVOM semifinalist all the best and great success for GVOM Semifinals. Let us all support KCWA to make it a memorable one.

Finally I request all to express your views/ like/ comment/share on this if you agree or disagree with me. These are my personal views and the only intention is to bring the fact to public through Face Book- the fastest growing media. I have done my work and it is your turn to express your views. Read more articles at

-Wilson Saldanha 


Even though it is lengthy, please read till end- part 32.

One always don't need power and money to influence others.  Most of the time our character can influence more than power and money.  Be practical and inspire others to be.

-Baba Wilson Shirthadywala.

Two weeks back I was behind a Kuwaiti lady with Abaya in her forties at cash counter in LuLu Hypermarket Dajeej.  While filling the items, she instructed the person to use minimum plastic bags.  Once he finished filling the items she bought, she emptied some of the bags and adjusted the things in the empty space of other bags and returned the plastics.  Meantime one of the item she brought did not have bar code and the cashier sent someone to get the bar code.  Looking at me in queue waiting for my turn, she requested the cashier to close her bill and to make a new invoice after me for the item pending for bar code so that I could go before her instead of waiting.


I pinched myself to make it sure whether I am dreaming or true.  Plastic bags are a convenient way to carry our purchased goods when we go shopping. They are a part of our modern lives, and we don?t tend to think much about them.  However, this convenience of plastic shopping bags carries with it a very high cost to the environment and also negatively affects human health.


I was very much impressed with her attitude and decided to follow her in future and narrated the incident at home.  Last week after paying the bill at Police Consumer Coop Surra, I stopped my trolley, adjusted the items I bought, emptied and returned 6 bags out of 12,  Yesterday I returned 2 bags out of 3 at City center and 1 bag out of 2 at LuLu.  There was a smile on my face and feeling of satisfaction in heart.  Even though we can't change the world, we can make a change in ourselves and influence others to do the same which will be a great contribution to the environment.  I regret for being selfish all these years and expecting more plastic bags at counter.


Two years back on a hot summer day, we were shopping at Geant 360 mall.  My elder daughter who was 14 years old at that time picked some "Bounty" chocolates and pushed on the counter with the things which we bought.  I asked her whether she wanted to eat them immediately or taking home.  As she wanted to take them home, I suggested her not to buy now and buy later as they may melt in car as we had some other visits and it would take some hours to reach home.  She returned them to their place at shelf as my thinking has a logic.  When we came out after paying, a Kuwaiti lady came to her pushed a handful of "Bounty" chocolates in her hand, squeezed her cheeks and left without waiting for our reaction.


Even though the incident was very embarrassing due to a small misunderstanding, I respect the noble gesture of the lady.  We were shocked with the incident and she disappeared before we could react.  She not even waited for a "Thank You".  From that day I always look for a person whom I can buy something which they desire at counter of every supermarket I visit.


Don't you think the above two ladies were most influenced ones.....???


Finally I request all to express your views/ like/ comment/share on this if you agree or disagree with me. These are my personal views and the only intention is to bring the fact to public through Face Book- the fastest growing media. I have done my work and it is your turn to express your views. Read more articles at


-Wilson Saldanha 



Even though it is lengthy, please read till end- part 31.

Winning always brings fear of losing. The real winner is who tries again after losing. 
-Baba Wilson Shirthadywala.

I have seen people becoming stars and forgetting their old days. I have seen people losing hopes after losing. I have seen people not trying after losing. It is very hard to face defeat but it is not wise losing hopes and blaming others for defeat. But good thing is I have also seen people who stays on the ground even after touching the stars maintaining their simplicity.

Last 4 seasons of Gulf Voice of Mangalore has given me a lot of experience. Many praises and blames too. Initially the contest was underestimated and even the organizers never thought it will become Konkani's No#1 show in the world. The first season was excellent without much complaints. during next seasons, there were many complaints rather than suggestions or praises. Even though we never thought others as rivals, many thought us as rivals. People started discussing on share of success, prize money etc claiming royalty for the songs.

It is a tough job to organize events in Gulf Countries as no one can fully dedicate for the same as everyone has to dedicate their leisure time for the events sacrificing their family time. I am always grateful to all the associations who brings the flavor in our life through cultural events when we are away from our motherland. We Indians will always point out 1 mistake in the program and make an issue forgetting 9 good things. When it comes to contest, those who wins will praise the event and those who could not make it will always blame giving an excuse of partiality, favoritism etc.

During last 4 seasons I have observed one sad thing that singers hesitating to participate in next seasons once they get selected for semifinals or finals. May be it is due to the fear of losing in next season and stepping down a step. Failing is not falling down but refusing to get up. I have seen many of them trying again and again. I was feeling happy when someone calls us and appreciating our efforts when many of them were blaming for not getting selected. But remember one thing that only practice and hard work will make you to win the contest. Whatever you may be in past but only your performance at the moment of competition will be counted for judgment.

Here I would like to name some of my favorites who always made me to feel satisfied for the efforts we put. I always admire Morvine. He entered into 2012 finals and chosen as second runner up. Instead of loosing hopes, he again participated in 2014 and emerged as winner. He had guts to participate again and put his full efforts and win the competition. Even after two years, he is still in touch with the Kuwait organizers and always updates whenever he gets a chance to shine. He always remembers his trainer and gives full credit to him for his win even though his own efforts and attitude played major roll in his win. For me he is a real winner with a broad heart which can capture everyone's good wishes and blessings.

My ever favorite Roshan is an unique person. He participated in 3 seasons and lost in semifinals with mere margin. If his duty timings and working atmosphere was favorable, he would have been a winner long back. A born singer with blessed voice lost only due to lack of time for practice. I always become emotional and pray to God to bless him abundantly as always he calls and appreciates us very next day of semifinals even though he could not make it.

I become a big fan of Shaila when I saw her singing during 2014 practice session before semifinals. Even though I did not tell publicly, at home with my family I had predicted that she will be the finalist and it happened. The moment made me to feel proud about her is after her first round singing in finals at Muscat. She came to us and apologized saying that she did not sing properly and will not be going to second round. She never blamed anyone for her defeat. I admire her nature of accepting the fact. Whenever she meets anyone, she brings joy in their hearts with her broad smile and innocence of a child.

There are many such persons among GVOM participants. It will be very long never ending article if I mention everyone's name. My intention is not to praise or blame anyone. The objective of this article is to encourage the singers to participate in the GVOM competition by keeping our ego and fear behind. Whether you are a past participant, a singer on stage, a bathroom singer or a amateur singer. Just focus on one song and participate in the audition. You may be a lucky one among top 12 who may get the best stage in the Gulf. Believe me no final stage has beaten Kuwait semifinal ones. It is not my opinion but also from the organizers of finals in the gulf. So don't be late. Just participate in GVOM organised by KCWA and be a winner. Even if you can't win the competition, you can win many hearts.

Finally I request all to express your views/ like/ comment/share on this if you agree or disagree with me. These are my personal views and the only intention is to bring the fact to public through Face Book- the fastest growing media. I have done my work and it is your turn to express your views. Read more articles at

-Wilson Saldanha 


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Even an engine needs a change of oil frequently. But human lives with same blood from birth to death which surely makes him sick. Since 4 years I donate blood regularly at least 3-4 times a year. The satisfaction I get after donating is so high that I regret every time for not starting it long back. Try once and believe me you will get addicted to it.
-Baba Wilson Shirthadywala.

As usual, I cracked a silly joke with one of our family friend who is a medical professional and in a good position at Kuwait's Amiri Hospital. "Why Ladies don't get heart attack as frequent as men? Is it because they are heartless....?". Her humorous but true reply made me to think seriously about something and share in this forum. She said "Because ladies loose blood every month and they get fresh blood". I seriously asked her "You mean if men loose/donate blood, will the risk of heart attack will reduce?". She said "yes because the blood will recycle and they get new blood".

When I came to Kuwait during 1992, my weight was 56 Kgs for the height of 184 cms (6'-1/4"). As I was underweight, I never thought of donating blood even though there were many camps arranged during our college days. Like everyone, I too was scared to do so too. Thanks to Noel who really inspired me to donate blood and also accompanied me during my first blood donation. I was nervous and little uneasy as it was my first experience and mentally I was not so prepared. After that I never faced any problems (Mashallah I am 30 Kgs heavier than what I was during 1992). I do it in between my work, during weekends and even in India too during holidays. Only thing you need to remember is never go in empty stomach and have some liquids and relax/sit for 10 minutes after blood donation.

Blood donation is a voluntary procedure. You agree to have blood drawn so that it can be given to someone who needs a blood transfusion. Millions of people need blood transfusion every year. Some may need blood during surgery. You must wait at least eight weeks (56 days) between donations of whole blood and 16 weeks (112 days) between double red cell donations. Platelet apheresis donors may give every 7 days up to 24 times per year. Once I tried giving at an interval of 40 days and never had any problem as the food we take presently is very rich comparing to the one we used to take during our childhood.

The donor is also examined and asked specific questions about their medical history to make sure that donating blood is not hazardous to their health. The donor's glucose and hemoglobin level is tested to make sure that the loss of blood will not make them anemic, and this check is the most common reason that a donor is ineligible. Pulse, blood pressure, and body temperature are also evaluated. Elderly donors are sometimes also deferred on age alone because of health concerns. The safety of donating blood during pregnancy has not been studied thoroughly, and pregnant women are usually deferred.

Why to wait decide today and go to the nearest blood bank and start donating. If you need any advice, you can call me or send your mobile number to my FB inbox and I will call you to share my experience. We spend a lot on fitness and dieting. The blood donation can benefit with (1) The Joy of Saving Human Lives. (2) Free Health Check-up. (3) Reduces Risk of Heart Disease. (4) Burns Calories. (5) Reduces the Risk of Cancer.

As a start for those who are in Kuwait, Salmiya Parish Ushers have organized a blood donation camp on Thursday, 5th May 2016 from 07:30 AM to 01:00 PM in the St. Therese Church Courtyard. Why to wait? It is a holiday and just start with a good heart and intention of saving a life. Who knows? One day we too may in need of blood and regret for not giving for others. I am sorry I can't do it on that day as my last donation was on 22.03.2016.

Finally I request all to express your views/ like/ comment/share on this if you agree or disagree with me. These are my personal views and the only intention is to bring the fact to public through Face Book- the fastest growing media. I have done my work and it is your turn to express your views. Read more articles at

-Wilson Saldanha Shirthady/Kuwait


Even though it is lengthy, please read till end- part 29.

A normal human being (like me) enjoys seeing people always at the level below them. A good human being always helps others to bring them to their level. Only an extraordinary human being pushes/helps others to climb a level above themselves. And they are called Golden person or in Kannada- "Bangarada Manushya".

-Baba Wilson Shirthadywala.

Being in Kuwait, I know Rony D'Cunha as a star singer. Very rarely a music CD releases in gulf without his song. Even though we meet during many functions or in church, I am not so familiar with his personal life. But whenever we meet, he greets with a hug and a million dollar smile which always creates an unknown bond between our hearts. He doesn't need any introduction as every Konkani speaking Mangalorean music lovers knows him. Below are the two incidents which made me to feel proud of him and made a special place/ respect for him in my heart.

INCIDENT 1: During GVOM 2014, Kuwait had achieved GVO (Gladys,Vinay, Orson) in first 3 seasons and waiting to get M to complete GVOM. Fortunately Morvine got selected for final and every Mangalorean in Kuwait had a dream to complete GVOM with four consecutive wins in Gulf's most popular Konkani reality show Gulf voice of Mangalore and complete the statement made by Joy Fernandes ( . During that time Rony voluntarily came front to train Morvine.

Generally no professional singer will train a young upcoming singer with his own songs fearing that he may sing better than the original singer. Rony chose his own songs for Morvine and trained him with full dedication and brought him to a level which no other singer will do for others. Every day Morvine used to go to Rony's house after work and stay there for practice overnight and next day used to go for work from his house. Every weekend Rony used to call his friends to listen Morvine and get opinion. One Friday I was invited to listen morvine. When I closed my eyes and listen to him, I was totally confused whether Morvine is singing or Rony. Finally when the day of judgement came in Muscat, Morvine won the title with a huge 21 points difference over runner up whereas previous 3 seasons the difference never went above 4 points. Rony had put himself into Morvine which only a man with golden heart can do.

INCIDENT 2: I have reported more than 300 events during last 13 years and what I noticed is no professional artist or troupe encourages a person involve/ participate in their event fearing that they may get more cheers/response than them. During Wilfy Nite in Kuwait on 15th April 2016, while singing "Vanitha Vandana Shalini" Rony noticed Kuwaiti SingerMubarak Al Rashed in the crowd and invited him to stage and made him to sing Wilfy's ever popular song "Mog tujo Kitlo Ashello" ( As it is a Konkani song and Mubarak doesn't know even a single word of Konkani, instead of asking him to sing alone and embarrass him if he had forgotten lyrics, Rony invited local singers from greenroom and asked to sing withMubarak. He also asked the audience to stand and respect the citizen of the country who sung a Konkani song without any ego. The whole crowd stood up and sung with them with a huge cheer. Rony never bothered thatMubarak will be cheered by audience more than him. When Mubarakcalled me and expressed his joy next day, my heart thanked Rony for bringing joy in other's heart.

I have seen Rony training choir group in 3 parishes without expecting any returns along with his better half Jasmine and also attending all three parish choirs for feast without taking a break. He never rests till he feels that training is complete and result is perfect. Rony is known as "Golden voice of Konkani" but after above two incidents he is also "Golden man of Konkani" for me with a "Golden heart". A big salute to this person from bottom of my heart and wish he lives forever and inspire many more to follow his footsteps.

Finally I request all to express your views/ like/ comment/share on this if you agree or disagree with me. These are my personal views and the only intention is to bring the fact to public through Face Book- the fastest growing media. I have done my work and it is your turn to express your views. Read more articles at

-Wilson Saldanha



Even though it is lengthy, please read till end- part 28.

Human nature always tends to do mistakes.  Correct them with patience rather than anger.  Harsh words are like sword and convincing words are like blade.  Both

make a deep cut.  First one is harsh and pains immediately.  Second one is smooth and gives pain of regret later.  Sword is used to kill and blade is used to shave (to increase beauty) or save (in operations).

-Baba Wilson Shirthadywala.

Sometimes we see around us some mess or people breaking rules and close our eyes after some grumble.  Sometimes we too try to do the same thinking we are not the only doing same whether it is breaking a traffic rule or spoiling beauty of nature/cleanliness.  Even though we cannot clean a whole pond, at least we can filter a glass of water and use it.  I tried to change some with a tricky and soft convincing method and it has given me a feeling of satisfaction.  Below are some of the incidents to inspire everyone.

1.  PARKING INCIDENT: Some years back I used to notice wrong parking near church even though there was ample parking space to avoid walking some meters.  I had written a photo article on FB which had more than 70 shares (  One Friday near city church after 8:00am service, a person looking like a Don with thick golden chains, bracelet, ear rings entered into his new looking wrongly parked Prado.  Even though he looks scary, I took some courage and knocked his window.  He lowered his window with a question mark on his forehead.  I politely told him "Good morning sir.  I am sorry to disturb you.  God has provided you with so beautiful car for your comfort and hope you came to church to thank him.  Please don?t park your car wrongly blocking the way and make God angry".  I could see his BP shooting up and I was ready to receive all bad things from him.  He paused for a moment cooled down and said "I am sorry.  From next Friday I will park properly".  Here blade worked more than sword and there after I never seen that car blocking way.

2. CLINIC INCIDENT: Once I was in Jleeb clinic (smaller version of hospital in Kuwait where we get treatment for normal diseases) and saw a person throwing stamp envelop on ground after removing stamp from it.  I controlled my anger and went to him "Brother, the dust bin is five steps away and you threw the waste on ground".  His response was surprising "The Bangalis are here to clean".  I told him politely "Kuwait is spending so much on our medical treatments and cleaning.  Our duty is to maintain the cleanliness".  He changed his plate "it fell by mistake".  I told him "Brother, mistake everyone does.  You can correct it by picking it and throwing it to dust bin".  He said "I don't want to do it as there are many germs on the ground".  With a shock, I told him "Brother, we came here to get medicine for germs in our body.  If we are worried about the germs at this place, we should avoid coming here.  I don't care the germs in this place".  I bent, picked the piece of paper and dropped into dust bin and left.  After 15 minutes, when I was collecting medicine in the pharmacy, the same person came to me and said "Brother, I am sorry.  I was wrong".  Again the blade worked more than the sword.

3.  CAR PARKING INCIDENT: I was parking my car in Lu & Lu Alrai parking and saw an Asian parking his car wrongly by blocking two parking spaces.  I went to him and told politely "Brother, you blocked space of 2 cars.  Please park your car properly so the space can accommodate another car".  He told me rudely "Mind your business.  Let them park at another place".  I asked him "Brother, are you an Indian?".  He said "No I am a Pakistani".  I said "Sorry brother, I thought; Pakistanis are the softest spoken and friendly persons as I have many Pakistani friends.  Khuda Hafiz have a nice day" and left the place.  When I came back after my shopping, I was delighted see his car parked neatly inside the lines.  One more person had a deep cut with blade which gave him pain of regret after I left the place.

There are such many incidents I faced which will make you to take a sword to break my head as you may not have patience to read so lengthy.  I also had negative responses too from some unchangeable persons but the feeling of joy I get with positive responses are much more than the negative ones which I simply ignore.  If every one of us tries to change one person instead of blaming the system, we can change world at least little bit.  (Bechara akhela Arvind Kejriwal Kya karega.....???).

I couldn't be blade every time as I am a normal human being.  Sometimes I use sword at some places or at home on kids may be to remove frustration of surrounding or the blade never works in some places (Sama, Dana, Bheda and Danda).

Finally I request all to express your views/ like/ comment/share on this if you agree or disagree with me. These are my personal views and the only intention is to bring the fact to public through Face Book- the fastest growing media. I have done my work and it is your turn to express your views. Read more articles at

-Wilson Saldanha Shirthady/Kuwait



Even though it is lengthy, please read till end- part 27.

"This is my country". That is your country; these are the conceptions of narrow souls. To the liberal minded the whole world is a family.?
- Virchand Gandhi.

Born as Indian was not our choice. But being true Indian is always our duty towards the world. Because true Indian culture never teach us to hate anyone.
-Baba Wilson Shirthadywala.

We Indians in large came to this country in search of our daily bread and this beautiful country has given us a lot of things which we wouldn't have gained in our mother land. We have to be grateful to this beautiful country, its citizens and rulers for allowing us to stay and earn in this country. Even though it is an Islamic country, it has given us a freedom to celebrate our occasions and pray as per our religions. It has provided us 4 catholic churches and many other religious places for which we must appreciate the rulers and citizens of this country and grateful to them. Being in Kuwait since last 24 years, I never faced any problems for anything in this country as I never tried to break any rules of this country and has all the legal documents required to stay in this country.

Every country has its own good and bad characters due to the nature of country, its citizens and laws of the country. As an expatriate in any country, it is our duty to follow the rules of country irrespective of our nationality, laws and freedom in our county. Even though we know the rules, we try to break them for our pleasure whether it is talking over phone while driving, over speeding, wrong parking, jumping signals or consuming alcohol during public functions. When caught, we look at others who break the rules and consider ourselves as better than them. We cannot compare ourselves to any other person who breaks the rule and think that we can also break some of them. To be happy in this country, we must obey and respect the law of country instead of blaming. Many of us think that we came to Kuwait to serve this country and its citizens. But the fact is, the hottest currency Dinar, its value and luxury in this country brought us here away from our family and we are always free to go back if we don't like this country or its life style. We must thank God for making us citizens of India where we can return back at any time and have our life with the savings we have.

We Indians around the world are very famous for our grumbling quality. We grumble for everything. May be we don't know how to be happy. When we don't have food, we grumble with hunger. When we get food we grumble for the quality of food. We grumble about the country we stay and its citizens and never think of going back due to the facility we enjoy in this country. Let us stop grumbling and be happy with what we have. We must give respect to people whether they deserve it or not, not as a reflection of their character, but as a reflection of our own personality. Let us all obey the rules and respect this beautiful country which showed us way to a better future and show everyone that we too are beautiful citizens of world's largest democratic country INDIA.

As citizens of the world?s largest democracy, it is the duty of all resident Indians of Kuwait to celebrate the joy of the Kuwaitis and rise in unison to wish them and their country prosperity in abundance. Long live Kuwait, its's rulers, citizens and Indo-Kuwait relation.

Please read my 5 years old article at

Finally I request all to express your views/ like/ comment/ share on this if you agree or disagree with me. These are my personal views and the only intention is to bring the fact to public through Face Book- the fastest growing media. I have done my work and it is your turn to express your views. Read more articles at

-Wilson Saldanha



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If time is money, spend it more on FACE TO FACE rather than on FACE BOOK.
- Baba Wilson Shirthadywala.

Social media is the #1 platform that this entire generation uses globally as its top means of communication. Used properly, Facebook can be an effective tool for communicating with old and new friends, even long-lost relatives. The use of this social media platform only becomes an issue when it's overused, abused and misused. Keep a small amount of time reserved for it during your leisure time and avoid or monitor your kids using it. Never ever make time for FB. Just give a share of your leisure time. Personally I respect FB as it gives me platform to express my views, connect my lost friends and also reminds me to wish on their special days. Eventhough I never used it properly at initial stage, now as a semi matured (not compeltely.....!!!) I try to use it wisely with following self made rules.

Sending & Accepting friends request: We can search for friends by name or randomly and choose known persons and send friend request. Only accept friend requests from people you know personally. For unknown persons, go to their wall and see their interest by reading their posts. Some people never display their pictures and display either religious/political/scenery/animal pictures or something else on their profile. I just ignore them as I never hide my identity. I normally accept Friend?s request from known persons, Mangaloreans residing in Kuwait, persons with same interest as mine etc. Sometimes I send them a message and check before accepting. It is not important how many friends you have on FB. It is important how many of them you know personally and active with you on FB. The privacy setting of Facebook will allow you to see your own profile as how others might see it. This will allow you to filter what you have to filter.

Posts & Shares: Think before you post. Report anything that looks suspicious. Share good thoughts, memories, photos of touristic places you visit, experience etc which may help the society. Avoid posting game requests/ religious/ political/ controversial matters unless they are related to you. Think twice before posting or sharing any matter as you are sole responsible for your posts. Never share anything (cancer medicines, missing persons, death announcements, accident news, blood request, job clasifieds etc) without knowing how genuine the matter is. If you really want to help by sharing it, confirm the news by calling them using the contact numbers provided. Don?t forget to delete the post once the need is fulfilled. I hate posts asking to type amen or you get bad luck, share if you have a mother/sister/ daughter etc. Never post/share them unless you really mean it and never emotionally blackmail anyone to repost/share. Never post other?s photos/events if you feel that they will not be comfortable with it. Don't post photos/videos of you that you may later regret. Don't post the smallest details of your life. Sure, Facebook games are fun but they are guaranteed time-wasters. Don?t' play too much and never send game requests. Avoid posting religious matters and tagging friends as religion is purely personal matter.

Likes, Comments & Tags: Generously like if you really like something. Control your comments as sometimes it may hurt others. Never post anything on FB if you cannot accept a negative comment positively. Tagged photos/posts show up in the homepage of the tagged person. So never tag anyone on controversial posts or an ugly shot, compromising situation or the likes. If someone tags you for the posts which you don?t like, just untag yourself and hide the post from your wall. Never ever attack someone online no matter how much he has hurt or insulted you. If you really have to vent it out, just speak to them or tell it to your real life friends. Don't flood your friends' walls with game requests.

Finally if your kids are using FB, have their password and always keep a track on their posts and chats. Modern people may say it is against their freedom. But I say you have a right to monitor your kid till they are depending on you for their needs and you spend for them. Once they are matured and start to spend what they earn, they are eligible to be free under the limit of legality/morality.

Finally I request all to express your views/ like/ comment/ share on this if you agree or disagree with me. These are my personal views and the only intention is to bring the fact to public through Face Book- the fastest growing media. I have done my work and it is your turn to express your views. Read more articles at

-Wilson Saldanha



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Bad characters are not bad always. Knowingly or unknowingly many times we support villains and in fact most of the villains are smarter than heroes. Watch them regularly not to learn what they do, just to learn what we should not do.

-Baba Wilson Shirthadywala.

Sometimes becoming a child after we grow up is a healthy blessing. Never leave a chance to go to childhood and cherish the memories either by meeting a childhood friend or by watching a childhood cartoon/movie. Do you remember those olden days of 70's and 80's when the indoor entertainment was limited to radios, movies in theater and lately TV's with minimum programs. Have you ever gone through those little funny characters Tom & Jerry which was rarely shown in Doordarshan and cinema halls?..??? That was the most viewed and adored cartoons of our age.

For me 'Tom and Jerry' was made for adults as much as it was for children. Even today during this revolution of mobiles, TV, Computer games and social Medias, if Tom & Jerry cartoon is shown in any of the Medias, I forget everything and watch them doing 'Masti'all the time. Even during our school time we had a Jerry in every class who was making our teacher Tom. The naughtiest ones who are most adorable even though they are troublesome. Even if we forget the brilliant guy of our class, we will never forget the naughty friend of ours.

Tom and Jerry is an American animated series of short films created in 1940, by William Hanna and Joseph Barbera. It centers on a rivalry between its two title characters, Tom Cat and Jerry Mouse, and many recurring characters, based around slapstick comedy. Throughout the years, the term and title Tom and Jerry became practically synonymous with never-ending rivalry, as much as the related "cat and mouse fight" metaphor has. Yet in Tom and Jerry it wasn't the more powerful (Tom) that usually came out on top.

In real life we always support cats and find many ways to get rid of mouse/rats. There are many industries manufacturing mouse traps and poisons to kill them. In reality, cats are grown as pet animals and loved by all. But when we watch Tom & Jerry, we forget all and support Jerry mouse and feel happy when cat gets troubled. Every one of us has a Jerry in ourselves which is hidden deep into our memories due to the stress of modern life. For a healthier life we need to bring him out either by doing some 'Masti' with our friends or family or at least by watching some mind blowing humorous cartoons or movies. Never control the laugh when you feel like laughing. Laugh openhearted. Laughter decreases stress hormones and increases immune cells and infection-fighting antibodies, thus improving your resistance to disease. Laughter triggers the release of endorphins, the body's natural feel-good chemicals. Endorphins promote an overall sense of well-being and can even temporarily relieve pain.

After reading this close all the windows of your browser, just go to YouTube and watch a Tom & Jerry clip. If it makes you happy, don't feel shy to laugh loudly. If you feel like watching another clip, it is sure that there is a Jerry hiding in you and try to bring him out. If not, surely you are a machine worn out with the present life?s tensions and worries. No one can repair you except yourself. Every family has a Jerry including mine. Any guesses?..???

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-Wilson Saldanha


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"People who work sitting down get paid more than people who work standing up." 

-Ogden Nash


"People who pray sitting down get heard less than people who pray standing up."

-Baba Wilson Shirthadywala.


Many of us are very punctual in prayers.  We do our daily prayers without fail, visit churches or other holy places at least once in a week without fail.  We ask pardon for our sins, give a big list of demands to God and wait for his grants.  In a hurry to meet God in worship places, we neglect many things which take us away from God.  In fact as Swami Vivekananda said, ?The moment I have realized God sitting in the temple of every human body, the moment I stand in reverence before every human being and see God in him - that moment I am free from bondage, everything that binds vanishes, and I am free.?


One of my article on FB regarding wrong parking at holy places (Let us be true Christians) had more than 70 shares and I am happy that people appreciate good things and it is every humans right to express when something is happening wrong.  I am a regular attendee of 9:15am mass on every Friday at Holy family Cathedral, Kuwait city and I always opt left hand side row of benches to sit.  On observing some issues on "right to sit" on benches, something struck my mind and I thought of sharing it.


The benches I sit are designed for "comfortable sitting" of 6 people and 7 people can ?comfortably adjust? to sit.  Whenever I enter the church I count the number of people on benches (and also sizes of people?..!!!) and find a place for me as 6th or 7th person on the bench if I am little late.  Once one of the Church usher requested someone to adjust to make a place for old lady, he rudely shouted at her saying ?we want to sit comfortably and pray?.  The Usher who is a volunteer without any pray, stands whole mass to assist devotees for a comfortable praying atmosphere just gave a smile and moved to other bench in search of a place for that old lady.  There are many people sit widening the legs avoiding someone to adjust as if they have placed a foot ball between legs.


Here I am not asking anyone to stand and give place for an old person, mother with kids in arm or a sick person.  But we can slide little to make an additional place for such people.  It is our right to sit when we reach church well in advance or in time when there is place.  It is also necessary for old and sick people to reach in time to worship places to get a seat to sit when they know they cannot stand.  Many such people reach church very late and blame others for not offering them seat which is not acceptable.


Next time whenever you are sitting in church, count the number of people on the bench, calculate ?comfortably sitting? and ?comfortably adjusting?, slide a little if you can adjust and make a place to the one who cannot stand.  Remember God watches what you do more than how much you pray.  Even thinking of offering seat after the half of mass is praiseworthy as it will not be so difficult to stand for half the mass.  If we offer seat at the age we can stand, surely someone will offer us a seat in future when we can?t.  The expression on the face of receiver will always give a feeling of satisfaction to the giver.  Just try it during your next visit to church and share your feeling as a comment below.  

As Israelmore Ayivor rightly said ?The best posture you can adopt when pursuing your goals is neither to stand nor sit. The best position is to STANDOUT!  Everyone may be sitting; but don't sit! Many people may be standing; but don't just stand. When you stand, be outstanding!?. 


When you share/offer a seat for someone who can?t stand, you don?t stand?. ?You outstand??..!!!


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-Wilson Saldanha


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indi) which makes others to feel happy with its fragrance"

"Joking on others may make you humorous. But joking on yourself makes you more humorous without hurting anyone."

-Baba Wilson Shirthadywala.

Olden days men were the bread winners and women were housekeepers who together used to manage the family. The needs were limited and people were happy with what they have as even if someone had excess wealth, there were no ways to spend. Day by day due to the inventions and scientific revolution, many things are invented to ease/comfort our life making ways to spend more and more due to which both men and women are forced to earn for a better life of family. As a result, most of the practical women are over burdened with both bread winning and housekeeping jobs. In addition to this they also need to follow up with kid's education which was responsibility of teachers during olden days. There are some super ladies who also breathe in open air and do some extra ordinary jobs for society which needs a big appreciation.

I was amazed when first time I saw Lucy on the stage. She was so natural as if she is inside four walls without anyone's notice. Her acting was fearless and natural. She is a lady who can accept any character whether it is a small school girl, a matured mother, cruel mother in law, a mentally weak girl, drunken lady, horrible wife, Old n weak lady or a fun loving friend. You just name it and she will do it. On stage she can pair with anyone irrespective of age, gender or character. It is a common practice to choose males for female characters in stage plays to any embarrassment to the lady or her family. But Lucy is an exceptional for it and always ready for any characters. Her family especially her husband Clifford's strong support is the main reason for this bold step.

Lucy is a person who can break your ribs with laughter. She not only spreads smiles when she is on the stage also outside the stage whenever she meets someone. She is among those few people who cracks jokes on themselves to make others happy rather than hurting others by making fun of them. Most hilarious and generous lady who does lot of charity by acting in many charity shows without any returns to serve the needy, for the benefit of society and to spread smiles on many faces. She along with her husband Cliffy has supported many associations and stage shows including UMK (which is a brand for charity in Kuwait) with both their talents as well as service contribution.

Lucy also secured a role in Frank Fernandes production house "Movies International's" upcoming Konkani film 'Ek Aslyar Ek Na' for which already shooting is completed and waiting for the release. Let us all wish her great success in whatever she does and may God bless her with good health and long life for the betterment of needy whether it is food, money or a smile. If you see her on the stage, in a crowd, at a picnic or a play ground it is hard to believe that a rocking lady with full of spirits is also having grand children. As someone rightly said "Age is game of mind". If you make others happy, God will always keep you happy with good health and high spirits. If you need a proof just come for 9:15 mass at Holy Family Cathedral Kuwait city on any Friday and meet this lady after mass near grotto. Logically I should call her "Lucy Bai" with respect, but practically I mentioned her as only "Lucy" as for me she always looks younger than me due to her activities, energy and attitude.

Finally I request all to express your views/ like/ comment/ share on this if you agree or disagree with me. These are my personal views and the only intention is to bring the fact to public through Face Book- the fastest growing media. I have done my work and it is your turn to express your views. Read more articles at

-Wilson Saldanha


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"Your future lies in your own hands. For a brighter and healthy future, wash your hands properly"

-Baba Wilson Shirthadywala.

After staying in this Arab world for nearly 24 years, I learnt many good and bad things out of which I would like to share three lessons which may change our lives and can bring happiness to others by implementing properly.

Greetings: We Indians are very poor in wishing. We are good in using Please, thank you and sorry but never wish anyone unless we know them. In an unknown place we ask information with a stranger directly without wishing them and they too are used to it. Arabs never speak without greeting whether it is a friendly talk or asking for information or sometimes even while crossing a stranger. I really feel very happy when someone wishes "Assalamu Alaikum" which means "Peace be upon you" and whenever I hear this my brain sends signal to my tongue to say "Wa-Alaikum-as-Salaam" (and peace upon you) whether it is meant for me or anyone around me. What a beautiful custom to wish peace for others. Even when I go to India, before talking to anyone, I wish "Namaskara" and then I talk whether I know the person, to ask for some information, while filling fuel at Petrol Station or just while talking to an Auto driver for a ride. Don't you think we must adopt this custom...???

Sharing Food: We Indians are very poor in sharing food. In offices we finish our Tiffin before anyone could peep into it. We order our kids not to share their lunch box and to finish all given food before coming home. We get irritated if someone knocks door during lunch/dinner time. Our hand covers our lunch box when we feel someone is around. I have never seen an Arab eating without offering the same to others whoever is around. Whenever an Arab eats if we pass across they say "Faddal" means come and join. Even when we pass through a group of unknown Arabs who are having food, they call us to join and really they mean it. During Ramadan many share food with neighbors and even unknown people in bachelor camps etc. Even though they waste lot of food (which I hate), they also share food which needs to be appreciated.

Washing hands: Once one of the Arab visitors in my previous company asked me pointing at one of our employee "Is he your Tea Boy?" I asked the reason. He said that he saw him going to washroom and coming out without washing his hands after peeing. We most of the Indian males have habit of peeing in open ground and finishing it with a gentle shake before closing the zip and continuing with our routine without bothering to wash our hands. We have many excuses for the same. If urine is sterile, why do we have to wash our hands after going to the toilet? If a man showers regularly, wears clean underwear, and doesn't pee on his hands, then what does he have to wash?

The perianal area is the small patch of flesh just outside the rectum, a spot on the human body that "inevitably becomes loaded with fecal bacteria". The point is that simply touching the p---s in an effort to direct your urine flow can be more than enough to transfer harmful microbes to your hands, and then on to the things you touch. Now close your eyes and imagine- on a cold winter day a person comes out from a washroom without washing hands, puts his hands into his pocket pulls some fried crispy peanuts and offers you?..... Yuk....!!!

Just wash your hands, would you? And no, it doesn't matter if you have the cleanest, straightest, most precise pee aim known to man. ?The rationale is that when toileting, it?s possible to have fecal material and fecal bacteria get onto your hands,? says Richard T. Ellison III, an epidemiologist at the University of Massachusetts Memorial Medical Center. So it?s wisest to always wash with soap and water even after urinating. Neither plain water nor alcohol hand sanitizers are effective at removing fecal material or killing bacteria in fecal material.

Hope I was not too open to discuss this issue. I changed my habit 20 years back after coming to Kuwait and hope many will change if they read this till end. Now go back to top and read Babas quotes again to be more meaningful.

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"Patience and understanding is the best way to enter into someone's heart".
-Baba Wilson Shirthadywala.

We need not meet a person regularly to learn something from them. Sometimes even a single meeting can teach us a lot. One evening I received a what's app message from my nephew who is a popular guitarist who played most of the nites of a popular Konkani singer. "Uncle do you know DJ Kiran of Kuwait? He is doing DJ for one of the function here and he is the best DJ I ever met". Next he sent his photograph along with him. I was very proud to say "Yes" and to send him a photo from Kiran's FB page. What a hidden talent!!! he is in Kuwait and I never knew he is best. That too compliments from a professional musician who plays music for many bands which really matters.

I met Kiran during Gulf Voice of Mangalore semifinals as he played guitar along with his lovely wife Prashantha on violin. After that I hardly meet him couple of times in a year and we speak for a minute or so. What I like in him is his politeness and soft spoken nature. I never seen him arguing on any matter. Always deeply concentrated in his work when he takes an assignment. Here I want to narrate two incidents which made me to feel proud of him and also made me to learn something but not sure of practicing.

Incident 1: During December 2014 many booked tickets to Mangalore through our national carrier partner Air India Express. Unfortunately one of the Wednesday flight did not took off and passengers were stranded till Friday. Losing two leaves and precious days during Christmas is really frustrating. Many of my friends called me and asked me to make a news at daijiworld on ill-treatment of Air India Express and were giving talks left & right against it. After talking one of my friend, he gave phone to Kiran and he too told me the same thing. I just told him- "Delay of flight due to some reason is common and it is not a matter to make news. Regarding ill-treatment of airline, we must register a complaint or we can share it in social medias". Immediately he was convinced and never spoke a word about it. What an understanding and patience. I would have busted at that situation on my friend if he would have given such an explanation during that agony. Even though I cannot practice such an patience and understanding, there was a great lesson.

Incident 2: Once I had received a Christmas message from one of my known person. I thought of calling him to wish instead of sending a sms. When I called him, his response was shocking. He said "Message beja tha. Phir call kyon kiya?" (I sent a greeting message. Why you called me to wish?). As usual every day morning I peep into FB and wish my friend Happy Birthday as FB acts like my secretary to remind the same. Close friends I also send a message through What's app. This year for Kiran's birthday, I wished him (I am not shy to say FB reminded me) on FB and also sent a message through what's app. Evening I was waiting in theater for movie to start and thought of calling Kiran to wish and was hesitated to do so as I already wished him through two medias and may get irritated to get a call as wishing thrice is three much (little more than too much). After thinking many times, I dialed him hoping not a repetition of Christmas experience. I was shocked with his response when he picked the phone. He was overwhelmed to receive wishes through phone call and told me that now a day's people forgot courtesy of calling due to SMS, free what's app and FB. Even close relatives and friends don't bother to call. He made my day with his response.

Next time when you meet this gentleman just spend some time with some conversation and share your experience. You will find a DJ who is loud n rocking in concert or party is a down to earth soft spoken and very understanding person to speak with. Even though I don't know much about him personally I enjoy meeting and talking to him.

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-Wilson Saldanha




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The amount looks small when you have it and looks big when you need it. Never forget a person who helped you when you are in need whether the help is small or big.
-Baba Wilson Shirthadywala.

John Paul Fernandes, Kundapur/Kuwait a prominent business man of Kuwait was a backbone for many Mangalorean associations in Kuwait. Once upon a time there were no Mangalorean programs in Kuwait without his sponsorship. Not only the programs, he has supported many individuals to start business when the Iraq business was open after invasion. No priests who came for donations were returned without meeting him. I am not aware of much on his personal life, but whenever I met him, he used to talk to me very compassionately and remembering his child hood. He used to share many of his childhood memories with me as my uncles Fr. Marcel Saldanha (who was a state level sports person) and Louis Saldanha (who was a No#1 Kambala Sports person during 80's) were his childhood friends.

When Gulf voice of Mangalore ( was started during 2008, his support was more than anyone can render/expect. As it was a first step in Konkani as an international event, there was very poor response from everywhere as no one expected it to reach this level. At that budding stage, he had only one sentence with organizers "you just start it. I am with you. If you loose anything financially, I will bear it completely". He never interfered in any issues of program except supporting morally and financially. The rest is history. He had supported and sponsored all the four seasons and was very helpful in every aspect.

Every Associations and individuals who got monitory help from him praised him. Even though some of them still remember him and respect him, many forgot him when he did not do the same. He had passed through different phases of life. Many ups and downs in his business and health. My intention is not to praise him or remind many to acknowledge his help. It is only to remind everyone that anyone who helps us during our difficult times or when we needed shall be remembered and thanked every time till we live. Otherwise we may regret for not remembering them if they leave us early forever. Johnybaab has left us today for ever and many of us are sad specially who couldn't visit him when he was sick.

Let us make a note to visit and thank those who has made a difference in our life by helping us before we could regret when they leave us forever. Remember it is a nice feeling to see surprise and joy in their face when you meet a person after a long time and remind them the help they did for us whether it is small or big. In general the giver forgets soon and the person accepted it should remember it forever.

John Paul Fernandes (Power Controls- Kuwait) Husband of Anita Fernandes, Father of Candice, Shawn and Tanya passed away in Cochin today- Friday November 20, 2015

Funeral will be held on Sunday November 22 at 4:00pm at Pius Nagar Church, Kundapur.
For further details please contact,
Lawrence Pinto: +91 88614 95284
Ivan Mendes- +91 98456 56251

Finally I request all to express your views/ like/ comment/ share on this if you agree or disagree with me. These are my personal views and the only intention is to bring the fact to public through Face Book- the fastest growing media. I have done my work and it is your turn to express your views.



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Excess use or addiction of anything is dangerous to life whether it is medicine food or even love whereas limited use of worst things may turnout good for life whether it is poison, dirt or even a peg of alcohol.

-Baba Wilson Shirthadywala.

This one is on those time consuming social medias such as Facebook, What's App etc. Most of the matured people think it is waste of time spending on these medias. In my opinion, it depends on how you use these social medias and how much time you spend on these. In general if you check Facebook for 15 minutes each morning, then check it again for 5 to 10 minutes during lunch, 15 minutes before you go to bed, then add some more minutes during weekends, you are a healthy & wise user of Facebook. The amount of time spent on Facebook is not a problem, if the use of time is worthwhile.

What's app has replaced SMS with added services which brought friends and families close with regular communication without spending a penny whereas Facebook brought lost friends and memories back. I have gained/experienced a lot through these medias whether it is a help for needy or reunion of old friends. Once after reading on Facebook when I called a person in need of blood, he couldn't believe it and was very grateful for the same. Many got their lost documents, stolen cars, lost persons/pets, medical help etc through these social medias which cannot be denied. We can express our thoughts without any editing by third party, publicize an event, share an experience, teach a good lesson etc., through Facebook. As far as you are legal and post genuine matter, no one can stop you from this. Mean time we must be open to accept the criticism too. But avoid exposing too personal matters and photos through these medias as we don't have control on the matters published on them.

Here I would like to share a memorable experience of mine with Facebook. After long 30 years, I met one of my classmate (who studied with me from class 1 to 10) through Facebook in 2013 and we continued our conversation through what's app. During June 2015 while coming back from vacation with my family, we had a break of 5 hours in Mumbai and I just sent a message to him from Mangalore Airport through What's app. With a short notice of 2 hours, he left everything and came to pick us from airport and the 3 hours we spent together was simply memorable. It can't be expressed in words unless you experience the joy of meeting a friend after 32 years. During my second trip to Mangalore during this month, I had informed him well in advance and I had a yummy homemade lunch with his family which is unforgettable. In that break of around 3 to 4 hours, we were just talking and talking sharing our experiences without even wasting a single minute. Thank you Ramanand & your lovely family for those memorable moments.

I am very grateful to the social medias for bringing the world closer. Please use them wisely without any addiction as they are the ones which will help you in need. Never use them to insult someone or to spread hatred. Use them to unite people, spread joy, wish someone good, share good thoughts, offer help to needy and to spread smile on others face.

Finally I request all to express your views/ like/ comment/ share on this if you agree or disagree with me. These are my personal views and the only intention is to bring the fact to public through Face Book- the fastest growing media. I have done my work and it is your turn to express your views.

-Wilson Saldanha

Shirthady/Kuwait ____________________________________________________________________________


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Animals serve human even after death. Hen as chicken, sheep as mutton and even a dirty pig as pork. Only human looses all his identity and called as only "BODY" after death and goes into fire or mud uselessly. Give yourself to others and live after death too.

- Baba Wilson Shirthadywala.

One day I got a distress message from one of my friend through What's app, "If I need to donate all my organs after death what is the procedure?". I just replied her "Kya marne ka irada hai kya? (any plans to die?)". After 5 minutes of cracking this joke, I become serious on this message and made a call to her. One of her family friend whom she spoke a day before was died by heart attack and that made her to think of being useful to others after death. What a thoughtful message which would have become useless if I would have ignored it. Millions of people in this world are waiting for an organ donation. Unfortunately, many may never get the call saying that a suitable donor organ and a second chance at life has been found. It can be hard to think about what's going to happen to our body after we die, let alone donating our organs and tissue. But being an organ donor is a generous and worthwhile decision that can be a lifesaver.

What happens to our body after death. Firstly we will be losing our identity and will be called as "body". When we live people will call us by our name. Once we stop breathing they will forget our name and the statements on us will be like, clean the body, dress up the body, open body for visitors, take the body to church/masjid/grave yard, burry/burn the body. If our family burns it as per Hindu rituals, it will turn into ash within minutes. If it is buried as per Christian/Islamic rituals, in 3 days nails start to fall off, in 4 days hairs starts to decay, in 5 days, brain melts vigorously, in 6 days stomach melts out from mouth and private parts, in 60 days reduced to nothing but bones. And in couple of months even our most dear ones will be used to live without us. Don't you think even animals are better than us who will be useful even after their death?

We can be useful after death and live in other life by donating our organs to needy patients. By donating your organs after we die, we can save or improve as many as 50 lives. There's no defined cutoff age for donating organs. For the minors below 18 years, parents can authorize this decision. They can express to their parents their wish to donate, and parents can give their consent knowing that it's what their child wanted. Children, too, are in need of organ transplants, and they usually need organs smaller than those an adult can provide.

Organ donation is consistent with the beliefs of most major religions. This includes Christian, Islam and other faiths. If you're unsure of or uncomfortable with your faith's position on donation, ask a member of your clergy. There is no any other effective formalities other than informing our wish by our close relatives as it has to be done immediately after our death. Make sure your family knows your wishes regarding organ donation. After thinking for a long time, this weekend I designed a card which is posted here. I will be taking a print of the same and carrying this in my wallet after this weekend and I have already informed my family on my this wish. If no one will be there when I die, Police and Medical staff will search my wallet for my Identity. Upon finding this card, they will do needful by contacting my family through given numbers. If I die at home, my family will do needful to fulfill my wish. Don't you think it is worth living after death rather than being food for fire or worms?

Thank you very much Vijaya for inspiring me to take this decision and write this article.

If you've never considered organ donation or delayed becoming a donor do it now. I can only help you to design this card if you inbox me your details with photograph. Finally I request all to express your views/ like/ comment/ share on this if you agree or disagree with me. These are my personal views and the only intention is to bring the fact to public through Face Book- the fastest growing media. I have done my work and it is your turn to express your views.

-Wilson Saldanha




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To be a leader, first prove you are a leader.

- Baba Wilson Shirthadywala.

We Mangaloreans in Kuwait are the luckiest people among all Indians who are away from India with lot of cultural activities throughout the year through many associations. When I came to Kuwait during 1992, I was very home sick due to non availability of Indian culture, food and missing family. A phone call was costing 600 to 750 fills per minute with echo and walky- talky type voice clarity. During that time I was asked to be a member of that time's only Mangalorean association KCWA by one of its member Roy Saldanha who was my colleague and I joined it with membership number 424. Today by following footsteps of KCWA there are many associations with similar motto and themes.

I am observing this association since 20 years and getting many positive and negetive comments on this association. Some says it become a family association, some families ruling this association, lot of partiality is going on, there is no chance for new comers, only known faces are given chance on the stages, lot of politics etc. Here I would like to express my views on KCWA as my personal opinion.

After joining KCWA, initially I had attended their picnic in Messila beach. I was very happy to meet many Mangaloreans. I was a very shy person at that time. Like other fellow Mangaloreans, I too never attended any meetings and activities of KCWA but kept my membership active till today. Now question is why I don't get chance in KCWA management and committee? Why I don't get chance to perform during KCWA events? Why my name is not announced in KCWA events? Why my photo is not published in KCWA souvenir or website?

Instead of searching for answers to above questions, I started to ask few questions myself. What is my contribution to KCWA other than my membership fee? How many KCWA meetings I have attended? Did I tried to be a committee member of KCWA? Do I have any talents other than gossiping? Did I prove any of my talent in any of the competitions? Do I spend any of my free time for charity or society?

When GVOM was started, we had to hunt talents to compete. Even after completion of 4 successful seasons still we are hunting for talents. Even though there are many singers in Kuwait, very few voluntarily participates in competitions and others needs pushing from others. We all want to win and are scared of loosing. Failure is not falling down, it is not getting up again. Unless and until we prove our talents by participating the competitions and events organized by many associations, we cannot prove talents in us and no associations can recognize us. KCWA itself conducting many competitions to search for talents and we never bother to prove ourselves. Finally we say no one calls us on the stage. Remember even a phone cannot dial your number unless you have a number and it knows your number.

I think everyone got the answer for their questions. Starting an association is simple. But bringing it to a No#1 position is very difficult. Maintaining that position for a very long time is close to impossible which KCWA has achieved in these 25 years of existence. I don't want to mention KCWA achievements here as everyone knows it very well. KCWA's recent "KALA SANZ" was one of unique show with new budding artists and to me it was one of the best show I have ever witnessed in Kuwait with all new artists and full of entertainment. All of them proved themselves by participating actively either in some get-togethers, competitions and events. No associations can come to our house and pick us. We have to be grateful to these associations who made us to feel like home in this land with their activities. The people behind these association are also like us who came to earn their bread n butter, working whole day in some companies and have family like us. So shall we stop gossiping on these association and try to take part actively in their activities. I don't think any of the associations will push us back specially KCWA which has a history of 25 years. let us prove yourself before we blame others. The faces we see repeatedly in KCWA managements and events are not because they are influenced. It is only because they have proved their talents and dedicated their time for KCWA and society.

Finally I request all to express your views/ like/ comment/ share on this if you agree or disagree with me. These are my personal views and the only intention is to bring the fact to public through Face Book- the fastest growing media. I have done my work and it is your turn to express your views.

-Wilson Saldanha



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I don't agree with people saying to share wealth with poor when a rich spends lavishly his own earned money. It may make poor lazy. What I say is share your wealth with a person who does really hard work and still can't reach to his goals or with a person who is not capable of earning his daily bread even after his hard work.

- Baba Wilson Shirthadywala.

The inspiration to this article came to my mind a couple of months back when I was having haircut in an Indian Salon in Kuwait. When I came to Kuwait during 1992 things were very economical in Kuwait. For the first 5 year rents were 70-80 KD for a double bedroom flat, a month's single meal at Indian restaurant was 8 to 10 KD per month, an unlimited non-vegetarian member thali was 500 fills, Australian Mutton was costing 750 fills per KG, King fish 500 to 750 fills per KG, vegetables 200 to 350 per KG, Hair cut for men was 1 KD and so on. After 20 to 23 years today all the prices are increased to 3 to 5 times except the HAIR CUT FOR MEN AT INDIAN SALOON.

Most of us (Men) go to Indian Salon for a hair cut once in a month. We sit in an air conditional room on a specially adjustable custom made chair. The barber comes, adjust the chair to our comfort, fixes a hygiene disposable paper cover on our neck, covers our body with a clean cloth, and starts the haircut by spraying water on our hair with a slight gentle massage. After hair cut he uses a brand new blade to trim the sides. After finishing the hair cut, he trims the mustache, cuts extra hair from eyebrow, trims hair peeping from nose, and cuts hair on ears using an electric trimmer. Once everything is done, he does massage on head, shoulders and sometimes on back too with a smile. All these services costs only KD 1 which lasts for a month. We pay KD 1 and leave the salon with a great relief and lighter head. Some kindhearted people spare a quarter dinar as tips.

When our spouses visit Indian ladies Salon, their services starts from KD 5 for a basic haircut, eyebrow and upper lip threading without any complimentary additional services. Couple of month back when I was having hair cut, these things started to roll in my mind as a flash back and really started to feel pity on Indian barbers in Kuwait. They too pay 3 to 5 times for rent of their shop, license, residence, stay, food, travel, consumables and other things comparing to the same during 20 to 23 years back. Still their income remained same KD 1 per head. When I finished my flash back, he sprayed talcum powder on my back neck, removed the covering and moved a small mirror behind my head for me to check the quality of cutting at back and said 'finished' with a smile. My flash back made me to spare half a dinar with smile as tips for him which brought a surprise in his eyes and a smile of satisfaction on his face as the salon is located in a place where the more residents are south Indians like me.

After reading this do you feel that we must support these barbers with a little more tips as they too are hard working human beings with more expenses and without a rise in income since decades. I can afford to spare half a KD as tips per visit which I already started to do and many of us can afford more than this. I feel it is a right time to understand such service providers and support them according to our level of affordability.

Finally I request all to express your views/ like/ comment/ share on this if you agree or disagree with me. These are my personal views and the only intention is to bring the fact to public through Face Book- the fastest growing media. I have done my work and it is your turn to express your views.

-Wilson Saldanha



Even though it is lengthy, please read till end- part 15.

When someone predict/wish something from heart with a good intention, it becomes true. You need not be an astrologer to predict. You only need to have a very good heart which can touch other hearts.

- Baba Wilson Shirthadywala.

In 2012, when Orson D'Souza won 'Gulf Voice Of Mangalore' title, a person gave a comment that Kuwait has achieved G, V and O. It needs 'M' to complete GVOM. This statement came from a person with Golden heart whom I always admire and respect.

Joy Fernandes who is from a Music family and a guitarist in GVOM team is a person with Golden heart. He is a part of GVOM from its inception with his contribution to the success of contestants. During 2008 when GVOM was started, no one thought it will become Konkani's No#1 show. It was very difficult to get public support and we had to convince everyone not only in Kuwait but throughout the Gulf. At that budding stage of GVOM, Joy had called us and told that if any of the contestant need help in playing guitar for auditions, he is ready to do the same without any returns. He had given us the freedom to give his number to needy and supported them whole heartedly with his guitar and done fine tuning with his flash training. The trend continued in 2010, 2012 and this year he had given guitar companionship for 21 contestants during GVOM auditions which I name as height of giving without expecting any returns. He not only played guitar for them, also trained many of them to make them more confident.

For charity, it is not necessary we must have money. Sharing the talent and helping others with our talent is the biggest charity in this world. Other than GVOM season, we hardly meet once or twice in a year. Whenever we meet, he gives me a tight hug and I always feels it has a magical touch. I remember hugging saint Matha Amrathanandamayi (Amma) and Munna Bai MBBS who is famous for his 'Jadoo ki Jappi'. It gives a feeling of healing, relief from pain/tension and the receiver's heart fills with happiness. Only a person with clean heart can give that feeling. He is the one who thinks the satisfaction in giving is much more than receiving. Next time whenever you meet Joy, hug him with a clean heart and post your feeling. Believe me you will agree with me wholeheartedly. Ladies confirm first that Wanisha is not around. Next time when you post a post or read a post on FB regarding GVOM (Gladys- Vinay- Orson- Morvin) don't forget the original formulator of this formulae Joy Fernandes.

Finally I request all to express your views/ like/ comment/ share on this if you agree or disagree with me. These are my personal views and the only intention is to bring the fact to public through Face Book- the fastest growing media. I have done my work and it is your turn to express your views.


Even though it is lengthy, please read till end- part 14.

I believe that what we become depends on what our fathers teach us at odd moments, when they aren't trying to teach us. We are formed by little scraps of wisdom.

- Umberto Eco, Foucault's Pendulum

Due to work commitments, I could not travel to India and was alone at home as my family has gone to motherland for vacation. I realized it is my day when I received a voice message from my daughter wishing Happy Father's day. I was just peeping into face book and searching for wishes and surprisingly there were very few people wished their fathers for this day. I think all these days were made by greeting card manufacturers far before email, FB, what's app and many other social medias where we can wish our loved ones free. But unfortunately the Father's day is the most neglected one between all other days such as Mother's day, Women's day, daughter's day, children's day...........and most importantly wife's birthday. The pouring of wishes, gifts and get-togethers for these days are unlimited.

Before I consider it as gender discrimination or racism, I tried to see the meaning of this neglected father on Wikipedia. It says, A father (or dad) is a male parent who has raised a child, supplied the sperm through sexual intercourse or sperm donation which grew into a child, and/or donated a body cell which resulted in a clone. 

That's all.....??? The world praises mothers/daughters/sisters for their sacrifice and love. Did anyone bothered to see what fathers are? 

Father's are those with whom a child feels secure and cared. Father is the one who cannot express his love and caring in words but only feels it and makes his child emotionally secure. Father is the one who cannot cry but always feels in his heart. He is the one who never feels like having fun without his family. He is the one who offer stability and reassurance to children. Researchers found that, overall, the love - or rejection - of mothers and fathers equally affects kids' behavior, self-esteem, emotional stability, and mental health. But in some cases, the withdrawal of a father's love seems to play a bigger role in kids' problems with personality and psychological adjustment, delinquency, and substance abuse.

If I mention more than this it may become like self appraisal. I take this opportunity to wish My father along with all fathers in this world including me A HAPPY FATHER'S DAY. Today whatever I am is only because of you. I love you DAD.....!!!

Finally I request all to express your views/ like/ comment/ share on this if you agree or disagree with me. These are my personal views and the only intention is to bring the fact to public through Face Book- the fastest growing media. I have done my work and it is your turn to express your views.


-Wilson Saldanha



Even though it is lengthy, please read till end- part 13.

There is no greatness where there is not simplicity, goodness, and truth.?

- Leo Tolstoy

It is not necessary to introduce this great human being as (I always do in my FB wall) as every Mangalorean knows him. This article is just to mention how a celebrity can be in people's heart without any show off.

From the day I learnt to speak or understand songs, we used to listen songs of Wilfy Rebimbus from my uncles and relatives as there were no radios or tape recorders at that time. My uncle Fr. Marcel Saldanha was in seminary and he used to come with his batch mates to my grandfather's house and night all used to sing Wilfy Rebimbus songs. During end of 70's or beginning of 80's we bought a stereo from a Gulfy with which we got Wilfy's 9th volume which we used to hear every day for years. He was more than any celebrity for us and it was a dream for me to meet him and never got a chance.

During 1988-92 I was working in Jeppu workshop and then Souza Electricals in Jeppu and I used to see Veena Rebimbus passing in her moped and used to feel happy that even I couldn't see Wilfyaab, I could see the daughter of that great person and tell to my mom proudly. First time I saw and admired Wilfyaab is during his Nite along with Henry D'Souza in St.Aloysius College grounds during that time (I don't remember whether it was 100th or 150th nite). I was overwhelmed to see both of them even though I saw them from very far.

After a waiting of 41 years from my birth, I got a chance to meet him during 2008 when he came for GVOM and I never ever thought I will get so much of time to spend with him and Meena Bai. I was totally nervous and slightly shivering when I met first time in the airport. I cannot just explain with limited words here how simple the couple were and it was a dream come true for me to spend with them maximum time and also to have food with them. Once Wilfyaab had half glass water in a restaurant and instead of ordering another glass for her, Mina Bai finished remaining half and told me that water is expensive in restaurants and it is a burden for organizers. Today I don't think any of our artists will think in that way. They supported GVOM wholehearted and he was fully tensed till the final was over. He also told me that he was worried as they had to select best voice among 5 countries (Saudi was added later). He opened his heart with me about his experience of GVOM in all 5 countries and still I cannot believe that He was so close to a person like me whom he met first time. 

Wilfyaab was very proud of GVOM and supported and appreciated us a lot whenever he used to call or correspond with our team. When we were dropping him back, he pulled airport trolley from me and said he doesn't want to be burden for anyone. When I said I never thought that I will get a chance to meet such a great person so freely, he said " Wilson, don't think like that. We too are human beings like everyone". He become celebrity by cimplicity and made his space in every Mangalorean's heart

Today is his birthday and I want to repeat those words expressed by Walter Nandalike as a tribute to this great person.

" Wilfiab, please come back....even if you don't sing, we are just as happy with your presence... "

-Wilson Saldanha




Even though it is lengthy, please read till end- part 12.


Being human is a given but keeping our humanity is a choice...

We have seen many people in our life most of them change with the time and forget their olden days. Many of them talk big things about changing the world and never do anything for others. Many pray for hours and gossip outside the prayer halls. Some talk big things about their mother land, mother tongue and when time comes forget everything.

This article of mine is about a unique person I met 10 years back who is exception for my above quotes and still remained the same. Walter D'Souza Nandalike doesn't need any introduction in this forum as at least every second Mangalorean in the world knows him. Here I want to just highlight some of the incidents which I recollected. 

Recently during my visit to Dubai, I met Walter's family and as a normal Mangalorean from Gulf I asked their school going daughters "How are you?" in English. When they replied in pure Konkani, I bowed my head in shy as well as respect to this practical family. Walter who is a die-hard fan of Konkani language not only speaks high about this language in social gatherings, he also practices at home which many of us never do. Even though he is very busy every time, he dedicates his time to play leading role in Konkani Dramas and doing his best to promote Konkani. He never misses a chance to attend Konkani programs. Equally he respects other languages and balances all. He is not only the fan of Mangalorean languages such as Konkani, Tulu and Kannada most of the Konkans, Tuluvas and Kannadigas are his and his web portal's great fans.

In 2008 when GULF Voice of Mangalore started in Kuwait, he had promised full support and the rest is history. The major credit of the success of GVOM goes to Walty and his dijiworld web portal. I will not be wrong if I say Today Walty is the most influenced Mangalorean in the world whether it is in media, political contacts, business contacts, charity or common man's view. I got in touch with this person during 2003 and after so long years when I meet him I find the same down to earth friendly person in him which is a rear case. 

It is an easy task to meet, greet and interact with this person in any functions or parties. No formalities required to talk to this person and he himself eases the atmosphere with his kind nature and humorous talking style. It looks like himself he forgets what he is when he meets people and interacts as a common man. A real down to earth AAM ADMI whom I salute and dream to be like him which even couldn't achieve in dreams too because of my typical Mangalorean nature. The intention of this article is not praising Walty. This is only to mention that if all celebrities, politicians and other famous personalities get Walty's nature, surely this earth will become heaven. He is the one who appreciates whatever he got from society and always tries to return to the society in multiples either by means of his service or by charity through his popular web portal.

Before ending a small pinch of humor...

Once Rolex & Titan get talking. Titan says "You show the Time as well as I, so whats the big fuss about YOU ?". 
Rolex replied Calmly"Tum Aadmi Ko Waqt batate ho, Main Aadmi KA Waqt batata hoon! (You show time to people and I show People's status at that time.....!!!)

Walter is a person who remained same from Titan to Rolex. Happy birthday and many happy returns of the day dear Walty. May you live for very long till many people like you get birth in this world who will make this world a better place to live.

-Wilson Saldanha



Even though it is lengthy, please read till end- part 11.


"The best charity is sharing your talents for the benefit of society. This will not make a burden on your wallet"
-Baba Wilson Shirthadywala.

If you have some talents, you can earn some extras bucks in the name of training in Gulf countries. There are many who add income by giving training in singing, music, dance, martial arts, painting etc and there is nothing wrong in it. This is also a type of sharing knowledge. When someone does it for free, no one appreciates it and never takes it seriously. In general, today's world no one does anything for free except some exceptional.

Here I am going to expose a person who is exceptional for above statement. She is a housewife with full of creativity and talent. Her thirst for dance is showcased in many stages and appreciated by audience. She is a hidden talent without any publicity. She never dances on stage and makes others to dance on her tune. An amature choreographer Mabel Suvarna is the one I am mentioning about. Dancing is a passion and pastime for her rather than a profession. She takes small kids and teenagers in her group which named by herself as "DESI STRIKERS" and trains them to dance and showcase their talents on stage without any returns or personal benefits. It is not an easy job to bring expressions on kids face while dancing which is always made possible by Mabel. Last two seasons of "GULF VOICE OF MANGALORE" Kuwait Semifinals had dances for Konkani numbers from 'DESI STRIKERS'.

Other than GVOM, 'DESI STRIKERS' have performed in many Konkani, Tulu, Malayalam, Telugu, Kannada and Hindi programs. She also directed many tableaus and short skits. They have also won many prizes in competitions and moreover won many hearts. When she starts to train kids for dance she dedicates herself completely till they reach her expectations. With a loving husband Bala Suvarna and talented daughter Preeti Suvarna the whole family supports her noble cause and it is not an easy task to devote family's free time for others without any monitory benefit. I am happy to have my both daughters in her team and always remember my elder daughters statement on her- " I learned dance from many dance schools. But the real dance I learned from Mabel Aunty. She taught me how to dance by heart and how to dance with expressions. What I learned from her is dancing is not impressing audience with our steps. It is expressing ourselves to the audience".

This article has come as a gratitude for her hard work towards the society on the day of her birthday (18th December). We wish her a very happy birthday and many happy returns of the day. May Almighty bless her abundantly and keep her happy and healthy always. Next time when you see this lady, don?t forget to say ?Hi? to her.

-Wilson Saldanha





Even though it is lengthy, please read till end- part 10.

"This one is dedicated to ORSON who is really a gem of person I feel.....!!!"

Being in a long marriage is a little bit like that nice cup of coffee every morning. I might have it every day, but I still enjoy it.

-Stephen Gaines

I have posted a lot of negative humors about marriage on Orson's wall/posts which is just a time pass. If I am posting such comments on a public wall where my wife also reads the same and still I am alive with all my bones in good condition means it is a just faith and understanding between us. Apart from jokes, with my experience of 16 years of marriage, I can say wedding and married life is one of most beautiful part of our life provided both husband and wife love and trust each other without any conditions. It is not two persons coming together. It should bring the two different bunches of family and friends together.

Always remember husband and wife are like a parallel line and they never meet each other even if you draw them to any length. Only the distance between the lines matters. When Boy and Girl from different families, bought up in different culture comes and stays together, always there is a difference of opinion which takes a long time to come to one opinion. Sacrificing our ego and increasing the level of understanding for the happiness of family plays a major role in a happy married life.

After some years once we get kids we may feel that the initial excitement of marriage and love is disappearing. It is not the fact. When the responsibility and members in the family increases, love is shared. Both husband and wife should understand that the kid needs more attention, care and love and there should not be any jealous feeling between each other for the same. Excitement always disappears when you own something. We feel envy when someone has something good, feel excited when we get it and used to it after we get it. It is general nature of human being. When in love/before the days of marriage we are always scared of loosing each other and always feel excited when we meet. After marriage never think that love and excitement is reduced. It is only because we feel secure and never think of loosing.

With my experience I can say that I have a very beautiful marriage life with a very nice wife and two angel like kids. I neither regret for getting married nor miss my bachelor life. I don't say it is because of my good nature. It is only because of the girl who came to my life leaving her family. She is a very loving, caring wife who supports and take care of full family without any complaints. One unique nature of her is she never demanded for anything and always away from shopping and gold which makes me more richer. A woman plays a major role in making a good family as a mother, wife and daughter/daughter in law.

I know nothing about Jennifer but I can say Orson is a most blessed n lovely person with lot of good wishes and prayers from anyone whom he meets specially the kids. I am sure his choice JENNIFER will be his ideal partner and make him more happier than what he is now. As you start this new journey in life after 29 days, may every day of yours hold wonderful shared experiences! let us all join through this forum to wish Orson and Jennifer a happy married life and let all their dreams come true.

-Wilson Saldanha



A bunch of great musicians who delivers 'MUSIC' from HEART
Even though it is lengthy, please read till end- part 9.

Music expresses that which cannot be put into words and that which cannot remain silent.
-Victor Hugo

It was during 2010 when we decided to have local musicians for GVOM, Louis Rodrigues who is an expert in our GVOM organizing team suggested some names under leadership of Kiran Gonsalves which was accepted by all four of us. When we started GVOM during 2008, we had to send a troupe of Musicians and Judges to all five participating countries and as a general tendency we opted full time professionals from Mangalore. Due to the recession and liberalization of rules for participating countries, during second season GVOM rules were changed and every country had freedom to choose the dates and musicians of their choice for semifinals.

Till today I cannot digest the truth that Kuwait has world's most kind hearted Konkani musicians who deliver music from heart and still hidden from fame in the Konkani music world- may be due to their other family commitments. They not only played music for GVOM during 2010 and 2012, they also made the contestants to feel confident to sing and helped us to retain the title which we gained in first season.

Under the leadership of John Kiran Gonsalves, the troupe consists of professional musicians Joy Fernandes, Ronald Rodrigues, Jackson D'Souza, Jason D'Souza, Kiran Sunny and Cute Prashantha Pais. When they play music, the melody fills the heart of audience and make them to feel like they are floating with the theme of the song.

During their 2010 performance, 'Sangeeth Guru' Joel Pereira openly appreciated them for their live performance without any recording which is rare these days. During 2012 performance, Eric Ozario, Co- Founder of Mandd Sobhann couldn't control himself and climbed the dais to appreciate and congratulate them. Looking at 2010 performance, Mangalore's most straight forward critic and editor of popular Walter Nandalike commented on Face book as- " The music troupe of Gulf Voice of Mangalore - Kuwait semifinal. One of the best, disciplined, and talented musicians I have recently come across in the gulf. What's so special is, the troupe has talented and only female member in it. I use this opportunity to congratulate all the members, and please keep up your good work..."

They are simply superb, humble and had terrible patience (this is the word I can use for their patience during practice). During practice session they were easing the tension of participants with humorous talks and nutty jokes. They never dominated the participant. They used to give unlimited times practice till the participant gets full satisfaction. When I asked two of the participants who contested in GVOM for all 3 seasons, reached semi finals more than once and reached finals once, they said Kuwait Musicians were the best. They were always open to help the participants. If I write naming each of them, it may take countless pages. With a great salute to the great Kiran and his Troupe, I conclude with following statement.

"Money can buy music through CDs. But no money can buy Musicians like Kiran & his Troupe."

Finally I request all to express your views/ like/ comment/ share on this if you agree or disagree with me. These are my personal views and the only intention is to bring the fact to public through Face Book- the fastest growing media. I have done my work and it is your turn to express your views.

-Wilson Saldanha




Even though it is lengthy, please read till end- part 8.

"A grand salute to those persons who tuned us and made us what we are now.....!!!"

"A hundred years from now, it will not matter what kind of car I drove, what kind of house I lived in, how much money I had in the bank...but the world may be a better place because I made a difference in the life of a child."
- Forest Witcraft

On the occasion of 'TEACHER'S DAY', let us remember all those teachers who are part of our life and made us smart to face the world. No one of us come to this earth with all the knowledge which we have now. There are many persons and things who taught us and gave us knowledge and wisdom. During our childhood, our hunger taught us to cry, nature taught us to move/walk, steps taught us to climb......

Our parents and siblings are first teachers in our lives. They taught us to hug, kiss, play, love and the ABC and 123 before going to school. They taught us to be strong when undergoing trials, to forgive, to help and to spread joy. Our nature taught us to imagine, weather taught us to adjust, river taught us to swim, roads to walk, church/temple/mosque to pray.....

When we joined school officially, our teacher's tuned us more professionally. "Children are like wet cement. Whatever falls on them makes an impression." It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge. We have seen many different types of teachers in our life. Some were very dedicated, some were lovely, some beautiful, some ugly, some kind hearted, some rude, some serious, some humorous.......... But from everyone we learned a lesson. From some what to do and from others what not to do. Teachers are so dear and influential in children's mind that when we were small most of us wanted to be a teacher when we grow.

Teaching is an art which cannot be mastered by everyone effectively. It is an art of making children curious to learn. It is an art avoiding children to yawn in the class room. A good teacher, like a good entertainer first must hold his audience's attention, then he can teach his lesson. "A very wise old teacher once said: I consider a day's teaching wasted if we do not all have one hearty laugh."

It is not an easy job to handle a bunch of students who are from different families/blood/nature. It is so miserable life at evenings when a mother takes homework of one or two kids at home. Just think of handling a bunch of 30 to 40 students at Kindergarten level. Handling a bunch of grown children is a nightmare.

I salute those person who played an important role in the life of children by dedicating their life in teaching them. Today whatever we may be, without the basic education provided in our schools, high school, colleges and educational institutions, we wouldn't have reached to this position. Even the world's richest and smartest persons cannot deny this truth. Even though the education become business now a days, still we can find some of them who are really dedicated to change the future of a kid rather than counting salary and tuition fee at month end.

let us together wish all the teachers of our life....

Finally I request all to express your views/ like/ comment/ share on this if you agree or disagree with me. These are my personal views and the only intention is to bring the fact to public through Face Book- the fastest growing media. I have done my work and it is your turn to express your views.

-Wilson Saldanha


The charity should begin from our own home?

Even though it is lengthy, please read till end- part 7.

We spend a lot of money on our family, children's development, entertainment, outside eating...etc. But when it comes to charity, it becomes hard for us to open our valet. We try to find excuses and turn back from the needy ones. Here I am not going to expose or introduce the well known personality Ronald Colaco as everyone knows him. I just wanted to share how he changed my mentality on charity.

Ronald Colaco is the current president of the International Federation of Karnataka Christian Association (IFKCA). He has been a supporter of many cultural events and artists in Karnataka and Gulf Countries. A real estate developer in Bangalore with projects like Hollywood Town and Swiss Town Developments, Colaco is also involved in various charity projects helping deserving students, schools, Government employees, Public servants etc. It was my pleasure to meet him and have lunch with him during 2010.

Ronald Colaco was one of the distinguished guests who witnessed "Gulf Voice of Mangalore" Season 2 Kuwait semifinals in 2010. As he was very much impressed with the program, he generouslysponsored the get together lunch on next day with organizers, visiting artists, judges and guests from Gulf countries. I was amazed with his down to earth nature, simplicity and humorous nature. He mixed with everyone along with his rib tickling Italian jokes. During conversation, I asked him a question "How you manage to contribute such a huge amount regularly towards society?". The answer given by him changed my life and opinion on charity which I want to share with you and hope it will also help you to change if you are among one of us who never thought of charity.

He said, ?Society has given a lot to us and it is our duty to return to needy people when we can afford to give. I have a policy for charity. I keep a fixed percentage in my income for charity in a separate account. I consider it as not my money. When someone comes for a help, I just spare some amount from this account. As I think it is not my money, I don?t hesitate to do charity with this money. I have a condition with my wife and family not to interfere in my this decision?.

What a simple way to solve the problem of our mentality on charity. We need not keep a big amount for the same. A 1% or 2% of our income towards charity surely will not affect our daily routine. Decide a percentage and whenever you get salary, keep this amount separately for charity. Charity doesn't mean you should do through an association, church, temple or Mosque. Charity is giving to needy people directly or indirectly. It may be to a handicapped beggar, sick person, a colleague who is in need, a person working under sun for a minimum salary, a share for a cultural event, a school fees of a poor student, a contribution to a religious place, a tip for the person who fills petrol to your car or even a visit to a desperate/sick person with a packet of sweets/fruits. Charity is not only through money, it can be a compassionate visit to a lonely/sick person, good manners towards our coworker, a smile to a person whose status is lower than us, A good talk with a fellow passenger while traveling, a friendly talk with a restaurant waiter/ air hostess/any public servant etc. Every one of us has a talent such as good acting, joking, dancing, driving, photography, writing, public speaking. If this is not our profession, we can contribute towards society by using this talent free of cost when required.

The charity should not be to a known person expecting returns. It should not be to get name in public. It should be purely personal and confidential. Don't stop or ask explanation when your parents/spouse/siblings/children/friends share their income for charity. Remembering a school days teacher, clerk or peon and giving them a sweet surprise by visiting them after a long time also can be considered as charity. Sharing emotions, food or money according to our capacity will surely give us happiness when we see smile on the face of receiver. Donating blood every three months or body parts after our or our family member?s death can bring light in many needy lives. People spend thousands to reduce weight but hesitate to donate blood which surely reduce at least half a kilo in minutes.

I SALUTE THIS GREAT PERSON FROM BOTTOM OF MY HEART FOR BRINGING A CHANGE IN ME. My intention to share this is only to show an easier way to spare for charity.

Finally I request all to express your views/ like/ comment/ share on this if you agree or disagree with me. These are my personal views and the only intention is to bring the fact to public through Face Book- the fastest growing media. I have done my work and it is your turn to express your views.

-Wilson Saldanha


The Unnoticed king of event organizers in Kuwait


Even though it is lengthy, please read till end- part 6.

Whenever a stage program become successful, the credit goes to the artists who performed on the stage and the persons working behind the stage remains unnoticed. The fact is that the persons behind the scene should be given credit which is not happening. Whenever a program goes flop, the blame goes to the organizers, directors etc.

Louis Rodrigues- the man behind my article- 4 lady Rita Rodrigues is the one whom I am going to expose this time. He is the hidden character behind many successful events of Kuwait. As he never speaks on the stage, rarely people noticed his efforts for the success of the programs. Even though I had seen him and met him many times earlier, the event brought him close to me was "Gulf Voice of Mangalore" in 2008. I was astonished to know his knowledge and organizing skills. He was the one who dreamed GVOM along with Lawrence Pinto. He was the one behind the best ever stage setting of Kuwait during 2008 GVOM event. He has a vast knowledge of Music, Singing, stage setting and sound arrangements. He is a good dreamer and capable of bringing dreams into reality.

Very few people know that Louis was the first organizer of "India Day" in Kuwait with local artists at entertainment city during 1997. He organized it with Kuwait?s popular English band "TOP RANKS"and Hindi band "SAAZ AUR AWAAZ". During eighties as a head of "MANGALOREAN ARTISTS" he had brought many talents to focus through musical nites and dramas. He is the one who brought Konkani's legendary singer Wilfy and Mina Rebimbus to Kuwait first time. He has also brought Claud D'Souza and Wilson Olivera to Kuwait. He was instrumental behind many Konkani programs in Kuwait. He was the one who suggested Konkani's one of the top compere Leslie Rego for GVOM and made him to compere in 5 countries within the short span of 3 weeks which also gave him International fame.

The dream he saw along with Lawrence Pinto become Konkani?s super hit reality Show "Gulf Voice of Mangalore" which is ranked as Konkani's No#1 show in the world. Started in Kuwait, it has completed three seasons in 2008, 2010 and 2012 with finals at Kuwait, Dubai and Qatar respectively. The fourth season is scheduled in 2014 at Muscat- Oman. He had given chance to only kids to sing and perform on the stage during 2008 GVOM semifinals.

The most impressive nature of Louis is focusing on new talents. He is the one who is always ready to bring unnoticed talents to limelight. He is the one who is always ready to take risk of bringing new faces to focus by risking his programs which never failed. He shares his knowledge with anyone who seeks his help which motivated many to conduct the programs. Even though he is shy on the stage to speak, he is the mastermind behind the success of GVOM and many other programs. He is also a singer and sung many songs with his better half Rita Rodrigues during eighties.

The Mangalorean Catholic Centre of the Parish (MCCP) of Muscat had felicitated Louis along with Lawrence Pinto for their contribution towards Konkani on the occasion of completion of glorious 20 years.

Next time when you see this person after 8.00am city church mass don?t forget to say "hi" to him and pull the burning cigarette from his fingers as it is injurious to the health of most talented organizer of Kuwait.

Finally I request all to express your views/ like/ comment/ share on this if you agree or disagree with me. These are my personal views and the only intention is to bring the fact to public through Face Book- the fastest growing media. I have done my work and it is your turn to express your views.

-Wilson Saldanha


Self made leader of Konkani Community in Kuwait


Even though it is lengthy, please read till end- Part 5.

It is a trend in Kuwait the hate between different communities even though they are belongs to same country. Keralites Vs rest of Indians, North Vs South, Mangaloreans Vs Goans.... the list is very long. We just take it as a topic to argue or simply argue for the sake of argument. We have many Mangaloreans who married Keralites & Goans, many North Indians married to south Indians and leading a happy family life. We should think that we are all human beings and every community has good and bad people. Because of some, whole community should not be blamed. Unity in diversity should be the main character of Indians.

A couple of years back I met a person who was instrumental in uniting the Konkani speaking people - the Mangaloreans and the Goans residing in Kuwait. He united them under one umbrella through sports as well as through his super-hit cultural program "Konkani Ekvottachi Sanz" and also by organizing social cultural programs in Kuwait thereby highlighting the name of Mangaloreans in Kuwait, is none other than Lawrence Pinto.

I had seen him long back and never tried to speak to him as I was always shy to meet people those days specially the popular ones. I met him first time when he came to meet our neighbor and close friend of mine Prabhakar Gatty who was suffering from brain tumor and later passed away. After that we used to talk formally whenever we met. Then during 2008 when "Gulf Voice of Mangalore" was planned we started to work together along with Louis & Rita Rodrigues. Being working on the project with him very closely, I found him a very noble, kind hearted down to earth person. Comparing to any associations or teams, it was damn easy to take any decisions with GVOM team due to the acceptance quality of organizers.

Lawrence Pinto, popularly known as Pinto or Lawryaab, is a symbol of hard work and has proved in his life that where there is a will there is a way. Bad financial position led him to discontinue his studies from 8th standard and he joined the L&T Bombay as an unskilled laborer. He took great pain of part time study and graduated with a B Com degree from the Siddharth College, Mumbai. This led him to the position of storekeeper in his organization.

In 1975, on his search to get better prospects in life, he landed in Kuwait and was employed at the Bader Al Mulla, where he worked for 3 years and later he joined the Kuwait Airways. Knowing his abilities and hard work, Bader Al Mulla offered him a better position and Lawrence was once again joined back Bader Al Mulla. He was the Manager (stores and purchase) of the well-known Bader Al Mulla's engineering division when he retired during 2011.

Apart from his profession, Lawrence has involved himself in many social service activities. He is gifted with a tall lanky frame with a height of 6 feet ? inch and is a great sport lover. He was a very active member of KCWA and served as vice president from 1995 to 1997. He then became president of KCWA for a period of 2 years from 1997-1999. During his tenure at the top rank, a modest beginning was made by opening a dedicated computer school (SASS) for the physically handicapped, which is being administered by Apostolic Carmel nuns of St Agnes School, Mangalore. He also started the mortuary fund in KCWA.

Pinto was also treasurer and then general secretary of the prestigious Indian Arts Circle.
He has played Cricket and Football for L&T in Mumbai. He has also played in Karnataka League for "Sathya Vijaya Foot Ball Club". He was the manager of the sports team (Cricket and Football) of Bader Al Mulla Company. Indian Football journey was started in Kuwait during 1978 and Lawrence Pinto was founder and the main instrument of the "Kuwait India Football Federation" (KIFF), which is under the Indian Embassy of Kuwait. In 1979, he made "Youth Recreation Centre" and formed a team called the "Rising Stars", which is the fourth oldest Indian Football team in Kuwait. On the occasion of completion of its 25 years, he arranged a grand celebration called "Konkani Ekvottachi Sanz" witnessed by leading Goan and Mangalorean artists such as Prince Jacob, Humbert, Rita Rose, C D?Silva, Wilfy Rebimbus.

The dream he saw along with Louis Rodrigues become Konkani's super hit reality Show Gulf Voice of Mangalore Which is ranked as Konkani's No#1 show in the world. Started in Kuwait, it has completed three seasons in 2008, 2010 and 2012 with finals at Kuwait, Dubai and Qatar respectively. The fourth season is scheduled in 2014 at Muscat- Oman. The Mangalorean Catholic Centre of the Parish (MCCP) of Muscat had felicitated him along with Louis Rodrigues for their contribution towards Konkani on the occasion of completion of glorious 20 years.

Once someone becomes a president or chairman of any association in the ocean of associations in Kuwait, They always run behind publicity. We can see them trying to get a place on stage, photo on media, a front seat in any programs and honor by any associations. Very rare people are exceptional for this. After achieving such a success in different fields, I have never seen Pinto running for publicity. He is a tough single faced person who always talks straight & cut short. His soft cornered heart can be seen only when someone sits with him and talks for a while. Next time when you see this person, just go and talk to him to know him.

Finally I request all to express your views/ like/ comment/ share on this if you agree or disagree with me. These are my personal views and the only intention is to bring the fact to public through Face Book- the fastest growing media. I have done my work and it is your turn to express your views.

-Wilson Saldanha


  A sweet little love story of "The hidden talents of Kuwait"

Even though it is lengthy, please read till end- part 4.

After the 8.00 am mass in city church, I and my family used to admire a couple- the lady with Indian traditional sari or salwar Kameez, handful of bangles, matching ornaments and her man with a simple stiff ironed pant- shirt and a burning cigarette in hand surrounded by many Mangaloreans with quick talks. I had seen them long back and never tried to speak to them as I was always shy to meet people those days specially the popular ones. I met them in couple of parties with formal hi n bye. Then during 2008 when Gulf Voice of Mangalore was planned. Along with Lawrence Pinto I started to work together along with this sweet couple Louis & Rita Rodrigues. Being working on the project with them very closely, I found them as the most talented organizers of Kuwait. It was a dream project of Lawrence Pinto and Louis Rodrigues.

Rita was a gifted singer during her school days but didn?t get focus as there were no sources and exposures like today's advanced world. She had to depend on radio for songs and others for lyrics. Her 'Joot Bole Kawwa Kate' song was much appreciated by her teachers and once she had to sing the same in teacher?s room as a punishment for reading novel at class. After studies in a village (at that time) like Belman, she was shifted to Bombay (Now Mumbai) where she got more opportunities to listen different songs.

The turning point was in the sky when she travelled to Kuwait first time during eighties. The destiny allotted her a seat beside 'Ye Ye Katrina' fame Helen D'Cruz and her daughter. Those days there were no much entertainment on planes and looking at her reading Hindi Novel, Helen and her daughter started to talk to her and during conversation they come to know Rita's interest in singing. They parted away in Kuwait airport with exchange of contact numbers. Once started to work, Rita was surprised to get a call from Helen who was a part of "United Young artists" asking to sing a song for their upcoming drama which was scheduled a month ahead. On following Friday, while going for practice along with director John Mathias and JL D'souza, they got the news of Amitabh Bachchan's injury during shooting of 'Coolie'. As a diehard fan of Amitabh, Rita literally started to cry and looking at it JL D'Souza had composed a song for her to sing on Amitabh.

'Mojo Amitabh' sung by Rita was a hit during the program where Louis Rodrigues who was the head of 'Mangalorean Artist' saw her first time. Louis who is always in search of new talents (till today) hooked Rita to 'Mangalorean Artist' who was a rival group for 'United Young Artists'. From there Rita never saw back. She was a popular singer in Kuwait at that time and also sung duets with Louis which lead them to sing for life upon a oath in church. She also sung on stage in the nites of popular Konkani Singers such as Mike Simon, Godfrey, Wilfy Rebimbus etc. She also sung many Hindi songs for programs such as "India day".

Rita's contribution for Konkani's best ranked show 'Gulf Voice of Mangalore' was one of the reasons for its great success. She was the one who done correspondence with all the country's organizers, contestants etc. Herself as a singer and organizer, she used her vast experience for the success of this show. She not only participated in a song with Konkani?s legends Mina and Late Wilfy Rebimbus for its first show in 2008, she also danced for a Konkani song for this show. She has taken a back seat in singing to encourage the upcoming singers. Selflessly she has supported the contestants to choose the songs and guided them honestly even though her daughter was one of the contestants. Her down to earth jovial nature brings people close to her once they meet or talk to her. Her deep knowledge on music and singing is really appreciated and unfortunately unnoticed by anyone.

I ask pardon from Rita for exposing the personal talks she had with me during last 5 years. My intension is not to expose her personal life. It is to encourage the upcoming singers by showing how a lady from a village like Belman during those days without the help of Internet and music players climbed the steps of success with her own will and hard work. I want to end this article with a recently heard quote which impressed me a lot.

Respect your parents...!!
They passed school without Google...!!!

It perfectly suits Rita. If she sung without the help of basic training, Google, internet or media player, we can do far better with the facilities close to our reach. "HATS OFF" to you Rita Bai. Next time when any of you see/meet her, don?t forget to count her bangles and get tips for singing if you are really interested.

Finally I request all to express your views/ like/ comment/ share on this if you agree or disagree with me. These are my personal views and the only intention is to bring the fact to public through Face Book- the fastest growing media. I have done my work and it is your turn to express your views.

-Wilson Saldanha



Even though it is lengthy, please read till end- part 3.

Normally we grumble regarding the respect for Indians in Kuwait by Kuwaitis. We blame about racism, harassment, partiality etc. The respect should be gained and not by force. Respect is earned, not given. And regardless of your age, gender or ethnicity anyone can earn respect by conducting themselves with integrity. Gaining the respect of others will not happen overnight, but once earned respect will have people listening to what you say. The question arises why only we Asians feel this and many of other nationals don't?

The Kuwait Kerala Muslim Association (KKMA) the largest organization of Indian nationals living in Kuwait held a special public awareness seminar on 'DEFENSIVE DRIVING AWARENESS (DDA)' on Friday 21st June 2013 at Indian community school. Following three incidents opened my eyes and made me to feel shame for our thinking on this issue.

Incident 1: National anthem of Kuwait and India was sung at the beginning of the program. All the audience including Ambassador of India to Kuwait H.E.Satish C. Mehta and Kuwaiti top ranking delegates such as Lieutenant Colonel Harbi Abdulla Al Shumiaan, Lieutenant Colonel Nawaf Al Hayyan, Chief Area Commander Abdulla Bahman, Public Procecuter Huissein Abu Shalfa, Captain Abdul Mohsen Ali, Abdullah Al Otaibi- Incharge of Salmiya traffic department and others stood up for the national anthem.

The men in Police uniform Lieutenant Colonel Harbi Abdulla Al Shumiaan and Lieutenant Colonel Nawaf Al Hayyan saluted during the Kuwait National anthem (Photo 1). After the completion they brought their hands down and stood normally (Photo 2). When Indian anthem started, again they saluted to respect the same (Photo 3). The very sad thing was some of our Indian brothers were busy in clicking photos in their phones and scratching their heads during national anthem. As a journalist I was clicking the photos during anthem with minimum possible time due to which I got a chance to capture this unique moment.

Incident 2: During the question answer session, audience used to applaud loudly whenever the answers were due to their expectation. For one of the answer when they applaud loudly, Lieutenant Colonel Nawaf Al Hayyan honestly said "why you are clapping? Don't cheer us. We are not doing any favor to you. We are just doing our duty fairly as per law".

I just bowed my head in shame. Our Indian leaders specially hire people to cheer and their chelas on stage lift their hands to clap as a signal to audience when to applaud. Even in Kuwait many association programs, the speaker gives a pause in between speeches expecting applauds from audience.

Incident 3: After the speech Ambassador of India to Kuwait H.E.Satish C. Mehta had to leave the program. When he was leaving all the dignitaries on the stage including all high ranking Kuwaitis stood up to pay the respect to the Indian Ambassador. No one from the 400 + Indian audience including me stood up to respect our own Ambassador when he was leaving. When I was in Qatar for 2012 Gulf Voice of Mangalore Grand Finale, The song was stopped in between and whole crowd stood up for 5 minutes waiting for Ambassador when his arrival news came.

If an Indian cannot respect a fellow Indian, How we can expect others to respect us. We Indians expect others to respect us and we decorate Kuwait walls with our pan mixed red spit, wet the lower half of fence with our emergency call and show our culture. Some of us stay with illegal residence, do traffic violence, sell illegal things, gamble publicly, use our cars as Illegal taxis, teach Kuwaitis how to sell visa & make money, bribe for short cuts, spread rumors and when caught blame our Government and Embassy. I am also completely not excluded from this category.

Kuwait is not cracked down on expatriates. They just started implementing the law and order. ATLEAST LET US OPEN OUR EYES NOW.

Finally I request all to express your views/ like/ comment/ share on this if you agree or disagree with me. These are my personal views and the only intention is to bring the fact to public through Face Book- the fastest growing media. I have done my work and it is your turn to express your views.

-Wilson Saldanha



 Even though it is lengthy, please read till end- part 2.

Who said we need an association to do charity? Who said we need big stars to attract crowd for a program? Who said we need professional artist to showcase an event? Who said we need extreme entertainment to make money in the shows? Who said only a rich sponsor can make an event successful? A good heart, a good cause, a good leader and good friends can make magic.

I want to focus one more person here whom I appreciate from bottom of my heart in last 10 years of my hobby of Photography and Journalism. This person is also skinny, young, energetic, handsome and above all with a big heart. He had a dream of helping the underprivileged and expressed the same with his friends. Dream can be realized only when we stop sleeping and work to make it real. This person is none other than Agnel Saldanha who shares his surname with mine. He made a group of like minded friends and they called themselves as 'United Mangaloreans Kuwait (UMK)'. It is a group of talented artists under the leadership of Agnel Saldanha who thought of dedicating their talents for a cause. They planned to showcase a 'Fun Filled Evening' to raise funds to help needy back home.

In 2009 they played a Tulu play 'Mange Malpodchi' in front of 400 to 500 crowd and generated Rs 4,14,000 which was donated to 'Sneha Sadan', the help and care center for HIV affected located at Gurpur. Inspired with the huge response to their maiden show, they showcased another Konkani comedy drama 'Kasale Grachar Saiba' in 2010 to a crowd of 1000+ and generated Rs 9,11,605 which was donated to Navachetana Special School, Venur. In 2011 by playing Konkani drama 'Sangon Mugdana' they supported White Doves, Mangalore with whopping Rs 14,47,652. Again in 2012 with another Konkani drama 'Ootre Uzvadlem', Little Sisters of the Poor 'Home for the Aged'- Bajjodi, Nanthoor, received an aid of Rs 16,08,108.

It is hard to believe that a group of friends contributing more than four million rupees for a good cause in three years with four shows. So called recession never affected them. Their shows runs house full without any star attractions. Audience never criticizes the show keeping in mind the purpose of the show.

As a general tendency we don't hesitate to spend for ourselves and hesitate to spare for charity. But UMK has changed the trend by their attitude and talents. After the four shows, today people wait for them to welcome to their homes. Public is aware that the money they have spared is reaching to right people without any deductions in between. The amount they collect in the charity box during the show is much more than the contribution of any main sponsors of any shows in Kuwait. They never depend on sponsors. They make groups and visit individuals and families in their house. "Little drops makes the mighty ocean" which really worked in their case. They give opportunity to new talents in their shows. In 2011 there were many main artists of 2009 and 2010 were missing in their drama. I had a feeling that like other associations UMK too had a split. I came to know the fact during their get together which is very impressive. All the senior artists were present for get together and they had made a way to new artists. As I know, no one has gone away from UMK till date. The number of team members and volunteers are increasing day by day. The reason is UMK is not an association. It doesn't have a president, secretary or any office bearers. It doesn't have an account or cash fund. They start an event with nil fund and they make the fund nil after every event by donating every single fill they collected. Kudos to UMK and its leader Agnel Saldanha for their noble work. All associations should learn a lesson from them to know how to bring the people together.

Finally I request all to express your views/ like/ comment/ share on this if you agree or disagree with me. These are my personal views and the only intention is to bring the fact to public through Face Book- the fastest growing media. I have done my work and it is your turn to express your views.

-Wilson Saldanha



Even though it is lengthy, please read till end- part 1. 

Last 10 years of my hobby in Photography and Journalism, I have prepared hundreds of reports for more than 30 associations in Kuwait and published in many news websites as well as news papers and magazines. Except school holidays between June and August, there are more than one program of one or other Indian associations during every week end. The number is increasing day by day due to the split up in such associations and formation of new ones. Some associations are charitable ones in the name of religion, country; states, districts, historical persons etc and some are formed by individuals or group of friends for organizing entertainment events. Thanks to all these associations who give us really entertaining programs which make us to feel the flavor of India even though we are away from India. Also our children get focus due to the competitions conducted by these associations or performances on the stage during events. We also get to see the performances of celebrities of Bollywood and other parts of India. Thanks to all these associations who really make us to feel Indians even though we are away from India.

On other side there is lot of politics going on in these associations. Some fight for power, some for revenue, some try to dominate, some split from association and make new associations due to which some of the associations think others as rivals. When someone wants to make a good program, others try to fail that program by giving troubles, spreading rumors, negative comments and some even by warning the supporters. Very rarely more than one association comes together for a cause or to make a program. Very rarely we find an association supporting other associations for their program. Even on Face book they never like or share any announcements other than their associations. There is always a fear of losing supremacy which makes them to feel other associations are their rivals. 

In this atmosphere in Kuwait I found a unique person who is always ready to help others when someone is in really need of help. That is none other than Prashanth D'Souza and his team 'CREATIVE ASSOCIATIONS'. He is a well known organizer of Bollywood?s mega shows in Kuwait. I was surprised when he along with his team supported other Bollywood's shows in Kuwait. He always likes and shares events belong to other associations or team in Face Book. Unselfishly he gives publicity to the programs in his Website. I was shocked to see him along with his complete team in one of the mega Bollywood show organized by other association exactly one month after his mega show 'Mika Live in Concert'. As I know, he had supported other two groups for their shows with Bollywood artists. When I asked him on this issue his answer shocked me and made me to feel proud to have such a person in Indian community. When I pointed this issue to him and asked, he coolly said 'Ek organizer hi doosre organizer ka dukh samaj sakta hai'.  Hope to have many more persons like him.

He is the only person I have seen in past ten years who supported another person or association whom he had to think as rival (General tendency). I felt I must appreciate him and Face Book is the only way I thought where I can express my personal views without any third party editing. He is a skinny, handsome, down to earth natured, simple, shy person. His shy nature is sometimes misunderstood him as a person with attitude. Just stop him anywhere and have a conversation with him and you will come to know his nature. 

There are few other associations who do such good work for community and I request the Face book users to bring them in focus. When I was involved in organizing Konkani's talent hunt show in singing GULF VOICE OF MANGALORE', we had whole hearted support from associations like KCWA, Tulukoota, UMK and Prashanth. I personally salute these associations and good hearted personals involved for their unselfish support to other associations/individuals for the betterment of community. It is easy to criticize an association or program but we should understand that it is not easy to run an association or organize a program.

Finally I request all to express your views/ like/ comment/ share on this if you agree or disagree with me. My opinion is in general and not on all associations. There are many associations which really work unselfishly for the society and I am proud to say that I too a member of some such associations. 

-Wilson Saldanha



We've begun to raise daughters more like sons... but few have the courage to raise their sons more like our daughters.

-Gloria Steinem

We are lucky to have two daughters as blessings from God. Many suggested and asked us to try for a son. When I asked them why? their answer was we need a son to continue our breed/family and to look after us during our old age. I ask them I and you (or your husband) also a son and where we support our parents? At old age financial support only is not enough for anyone. The emotional and companionship is more important. Where we are with our parents? What emotional support and companionship our parents get from their sons? In today's world one cannot expect their kids to be with them forever as life has become tough, demands are increased and one has to move from house to earn for a decent life.

So I don't find any difference in having a son or daughter and I never bothered about continuation of my surname. May be that is one of the reason even after 17 years of marriage I never asked my wife to change her surname and she is continued with one which she got from birth. I get surprised when people expect a son and don't mind avoiding a girl child's birth. Even in sports, games, politics, religion etc this gender discrimination exists and respect for a male and female leaders has become different.

I have two girls who are more compassionate, loving, smart, attractive and talented than many boys and I am more than happy to have them in our life. They have changed our life and brought many more luck and we have prospered after their birth. My first darling is talented and can grasp anything in short time and the second one can make anyone as her friend within no time which even I could not do at their age. I feel like I have a genius and leader at home. I feel proud when I meet the parents blessed with sons and express their desire to have a daughter like mine. Here I am not against having sons as they too are blessings. This message is only to the ones who thinks daughters as their second choice. I never regretted for not having a son and never expected to have one as we are fully satisfied and happy by what God has sent to us in form of two adorable darlings.

Today is my first darling daughter Susan Saldanha's birthday and I wish her a HAPPY BIRTHDAY and many happy returns of the day. Let her continue to be good and be a model to others which will make a desire in everyone's heart to have a daughter. I think there is no gift can match daughters as they themselves are gift to us.

-Wilson Saldanha



A man's dream about a life partner is that she should be pretty, Loving, not demanding, Away from Shopping & Gold, Caring, Good cook, Should look after himself and kids, Should earn & do all house work etc... etc.....!!!

Even for God it is difficult to create such a lady and in frustration he sends some natural calamities such as floods, volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, tsunamis etc. Sometimes he too want to surprise men by creating such an unique piece and smiles at the man who owns it and laughs at others who envy.

I am such a lucky man who owns such a unique creature as my wife and today I would like to thank her for all the things she has done and doing for us.



-Wilson Saldanha



It happened 10 years back during December 2003, I had clicked some photographs in Shirva Welfare Association Kuwait (SWAK) where my daughter Susan Saldanha mesmerized the audience with her TEACHER costume for fancy dress competition. She sung 'Mary had a little lamb' in konkani and most of the audience were trying to repeat the lyrics for coming several hours...."Mary Bayecho Dakto bokro....". Undoubtedly she won her first award for her performance by securing first prize at the age of three and half years.

Daiji dubai website was new at that time and I had sent the photographs to them and were published. This was the first step towards my hobby in photography and journalism. It is 10 years now and I have reported hundreds of events happened in Kuwait. Thank you very much and all the associations and supporters in Kuwait. It gives me a great satisfaction to see smile on the faces of my targets when I click photographs during any events. 

Because of media the happenings in this desert are known to the world. Because of media, people are coming forward to make associations and to give programs for the entertainment of public. On the completion of 10 years of my journey with this unique hobby which saved me from spending my time and money for any other habits which are dangerous for health and family, I would like to thank everyone who supported me, respected me and understanding me. A big thank to all the associations who makes life of expatriates in this country more enjoyable by their activities. Also a big thank for those who commented on my reports/articles/interviews. May God bless you all and also me and give me strength to continue my service in future years too. I wish you all a prosperous year 2014.

-Wilson Saldanha



"Age is game of mind".  Be happy, honest and maintain yourself with positive attitude and you will be evergreen forever.  The world will follow you like crazy.

-Baba Wilson Shirthadywala. 

I have never seen such a response to any Konkani singers in Kuwait.  Even after MC Lloyd said good bye to audience, even a single audience left the auditorium till Lorna sang her popular song "yo baile yo" mixed with "Noxib". 

After a long 13 years I thought of watching a concert without my camera and any other activities and tried for a ticket 3 days before concert.  I feel I am the lucky one to get a ticket with seat number at a corner after 25 rows from the stage rather than getting disappointed without one.  I heard a lot about this lady and was eager to see her live.  The show was scheduled at 6:30 and hall was jam packed by 6:45.  There were no much publicity on the event in any popular media and I came to know just a week before from one of my friend.  The show started sharp at 7:00 and finished at 10:30 without any speeches or lengthy felicitations which is normally a part of Kuwait Konkani events. 

I was stunned to see Lorna, a 69 years young lady singing in a way that no other lady can manage in that way single handedly.  I don't think anyone in Kuwait can dare to sing some of her songs which she sung in her concert as it will surely rupture their vocal cord within no time.  An extraordinary lady with an extraordinary stamina, unbelievably strong voice and a hypnotizing personality which even I wouldn't have believed till I witnessed it.  The audience were crazy and were shouting "love you Lorna".  Some went to such an extend asking her to marry them.  The whole crowd was flowing in one direction by adding their voice with hers. 

Even Bollywood female singers are not dared to have a solo concert and they club themselves with a low profile male singers for duets and prove them superior during concert whereas Lorna managed whole concert with her solo songs without giving a single moment to get bored.  At 69, she mesmerized the audience with her blue & red gowns, naughty looks, rhythmic dances and incomparable voice.  I appreciate the daring of this beautiful young lady who can beat any stamina increasing medicine ads.  I conclude my writing with a dream of one more concert of this wonderful lady along with Mangalorean singer in one of the stadiums which will be a super hit for ever in Kuwait.

-Wilson Saldanha



From childhood I am very fascinated with Sardars. Their looks, style, beard and Turban used to attract me and I used to stare at them continuously. My Dad was in Military and my early 6 years were spent in Military surroundings in Shillong and Lucknow before we could settle in Mangalore for education. I was one of pet child for our Sikh neighbors and used to eat and play with ther kids When we left Lucknow for good, one of the Sikh family gave me a Kara (Bangle worn by Sikh men) which is among 5K's of Sikh community (Kesh, Kirpan, Kanga, Kachera and Kara). I wore it 24 x 7 for about 7 years and then forced to cut and remove as it become tight in my hand. My class mates were always scared of me as I used to beat them with it whenever they used to fight with me. At that time I felt it was always protecting me from evils.

As I observed, Sikhs are very hardworking and in general never find them in any crimes. If you visit Punjab, you will never find them begging or stealing. Sikh ladies are well dressed and really symbolize the beauty of Indian ladies. Still I admire the cuteness of Sikh kids with long hair tied on top of their heads. They were the bravest community among the freedom fighters of India. Indian army has a wing named ?Sikh regiment? which no other community of India has. Spending time with Sikh family is really fun. Their rib tickling jokes and delicious rich food???  Hmmm really mouth watering. Even though we crack jokes on this community, in reality they are the smartest persons with a very big heart in which they can accommodate any good person.

After 41 years we left Lucknow, yesterday we got a chance to join the celebration of this great community. It was like a dream come true to wear Turban and spend a day with them. Thank you Jaspreet Kaur and family for giving an opportunity to have such a memorable moment.


It is very sad that many catholic believers are parking car wrongly near Kuwait Cathedral on Fridays even though there is a big parking space. God has blessed many of us with good cars which makes us different from the people who depend on public transport. We should thank god for this blessing by not troubling others because of our cars. I have seen many of us parking cars on the road, at the entry and exit of parking grounds, blocking other cars etc which creates traffic jam and delay in moving the cars. It is surprising that majority of these wrongly parked cars are having cross or Rosary hanged on front mirror to show the owner is Christian. As Christ told us we should show Christianity by our behavior and good manners and not by showcasing religious things. Presently we have ample parking place opposite the church and we should thank to Kuwait Government for the same. We should be grateful to the Rulers and Citizens of this Islamic country for allowing us to practice our religion. Let us together change our attitude and show how decent we are by parking our cars in a proper parking as a true Christians. This will not only show our good manners, also will save us from traffic fines. The pictures posted are only for understanding the concept and not for any personal attack. Kindly share this post and make the awareness for a change. I have showed my Christianity by posting this. Now it is your turn to show your Christianity by sharing this. May God bless all of us.









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